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Continuing the experiment

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I thought I would record my new allergy discovery as I like to have something to look back on in future.

I've been suffering from allergy symptoms for about 6 days now and I'm slowly working out what it is. It started with a dry and slightly sore throat and developed into a runny nose and sneezing. I know this sounds like a cold but there are a couple of reasons why I think it's related to allergies or more correctly intolerances. I know that I'm intolerant to milk proteins as if I have any dairy it gives me hayfever like symptoms - runny nose and sneezing and that's exactly what I'm experiencing. Coupled with the fact that, after eating certain foods I've had a really itchy throat.

I suspected strawberries as I've been eating some daily for a couple of months and I think my body has has enough of them. I used our good friend Google and found that they contain proteins that can cause an allergy-like reaction. The second thing that, strangely, my body decided it doesn't like at the moment is porridge. I've been eating porridge for years but yesterday I didn't have my usual porridge for breakfast, as I was starting to get a bit suspicious of it contributing to the allergy symptoms, but, as a snack I thought I'd have some in the early evening. A short while later I had a really itchy throat. Again Google mentioned that people with a Milk Protein intolerance often can't eat gluten as the molecules (or something) are very similar. As far as I'm aware I've never had a problem with gluten but I think that while I'm suffering from inflammation it's triggered the gluten intolerance as well. I've also been eating a lot of meat (protein) so I'm wondering if all that protein has been messing with my body. I don't know if all the proteins are linked in any way but it all looks suspicious.

So today I went for an inflammation busting Omega 3, low protein day to see if it made any difference:
Breakfast - half an avocado with cucumber and olive oil and walnuts
Lunch - Sardines in tomato sauce with butternut squash and green beans
Snack - I stupidly finished off the four strawberries sitting in the fridge
Dinner - Sweet potato, peas, parsnip and courgette
Snack - 6 squares of 85% dark choc

I'm not sure how much it has helped as I've still got the runny nose and am a bit sneezy but no sore or itchy throat.

I'll continue the experiment tomorrow and see if my symptoms improve.

Of course, it might just be a cold! Lol.

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    In a way I hope it is a cold. Best of luck.
  2. HealthyStart's Avatar
    I think it is a cold
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