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Will Vitamin A Be My Saviour?

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After another few days of testing I can confirm that it is the gluten that is setting off my allergies. I thought that it might have been a cold as it took 48 hours for the gluten to get out of my system but when it did I became allergy free (no more sneezing and runny nose).

Unfortunately I then had a craving for Muesli (Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli to be exact). I had three bowls on the first day and when I woke up the next day I felt a little bit snuffly but nothing major. That day I had another couple of bowls and started to feel even more sneezy. On the third day I was completely overtaken by gluten cravings and had a couple of bread rolls as well as a bowl of muesli. I was now suffering with sneezing and runny nose. So today I have gone gluten cold turkey.

I'm not entirely sure if it's gluten or just the oats but for now I'm going to cut it all out.

However, when looking at something else, I came across a fact about Vitamin A that I didn't know. On the World's Healthiest Foods website it says:
"Researchers believe that vitamin A may be equally important for our immune and inflammatory "braking" system, in which our cells are prevented from becoming overreactive. Since some aspects of food allergy can be related to our immune system's overreaction to food proteins, optimal intake of vitamin A may turn out to be important for lowering risk of certain types of food allergy."

The reason why this seems particularly pertinent in my case is because I now realise that my milk protein intolerance started once I gave up eggs. (Only eggs and shrimps contain the retinol form of Vitamin A) and whereas I used to eat a carrot a day I haven't been for a couple of months, or many of the other foods that contain caretonoids that are the veg form of vit A.

I have found it difficult to eat eggs ever since I developed a rash from eating too many eggs a few years ago but when trying the GAPS diets I found that I can tolerate them swirled into broth. I used to be able to tolerate milk even though I have never liked thick cream but if I try to have even the smallest amount of dairy now I start sneezing within half an hour of eating/drinking it.

So, this evening I have had a sweet potato and a carrot with my dinner and will start eating eggs in broth in the next couple of days.

It will be interesting to see if it makes a difference. Watch this space.....

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    I do hope you can find a allergy free way of eating that you enjoy very soon.
  2. HealthyStart's Avatar
    Me too otherwise I'm going to run out of foods to eat! Thank goodness for meat and veg
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