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Allergies calming down

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As expected I seem to be almost allergy free this evening, 48 hours after eating the last bit of gluten/oats.

Today I tried to get more Vit A into my diet although it's not easy to eat the retinol vit A foods. I bought some snack prawns from M&S but I just hate the texture - it's like eating some kind of cold worm. I think I'll have to try them cooked in something. Alternatively I'll just stick to the eggs in broth. My body should be turning the carotenoids into retinol but I'd like to eat some retinol foods as well just in case I have any problems with the conversion.

So today I had:

B: I forgot to have breakfast before leaving the house so had a banana when I got to work
L: Chicken Salad with olive oil. Blueberries & pineapple.
S: Prawns (high in retinol), M&S crispy bacon to get rid of the taste of the prawns
D: Sausage, sweet potato (high in carotenoids), green beans. 6 squares of 85% choc.

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Garlic prawns are delicious hot or cold.
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