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Helping someone you love with health is hard!

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Unfortunately, as I have discovered, trying to help someone with health issues can be really hard. I know most would say I need to back off and let hubby make the decisions for himself. However, when his life and yours have become so inextricably linked through work as well as marriage, boy does it become so personal when they won't look after themselves and look to cheat the system as often as they can...

I've been reading some more of the book I bought at the PHC Conference "Diabetes Unpacked". I read chapter 10 by Dr David Unwin (wonderful couple the Unwins). Having allowed hubby to have several baked potatoes with low fat fillings over the last few weeks when we have been out and about, I almost choked when I read that the humble baked potato has a GI of 85 in comparison to table sugar which is 64 generally!!! Needless to say, no more baked potatoes for hubby!

Although this is about me losing weight, the other main reason for continuing a lifestyle such as this was helping him with diabetes... I can't get him to stop having a drink of some sort every night (and more if I don't create a fuss about it), so food is the only thing he will allow me to help with. He was late back the other night from a meeting and bought himself a large bag of crisps instead of having dinner. The following night he didn't want dinner as he wasn't hungry and went to the chip shop quite late for a bag of chips instead! I have explained what the impact of this is on his diabetes and hope that he understands better given that I am reading it directly from Dr Unwin's chapter.

We do, because of his diabetes tend to veer toward LCHF a lot more, but I don't cut out higher carb veg such as BNS because he does enjoy that and seems to eat his meals better when I cook stuff like that more.

If I could only find a doctor locally that actually agrees with me and would be the voice of authority that he would listen to I think things would be different. Unfortunately, around here they all think I am mad and they all want him to just "take the medication and eat normally".

I'm not deterred and will continue the struggle even though it has now been 3 years of trying...

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Anne that's a tough call when it appears your OH has profound belief that essting normally and popping pills is OK. But he's not even eating normally, I don't think any diabetic dietician preaching old school lof fat high carb would say bags of chips and crisps are normal eating. All you can do it plug away and perhaps emphasise that drugs wont stop kidney failure, blindness, lower limb amputations.
  2. Kira2767's Avatar
    That really is what is the most frustrating thing Rosey. He knows precisely what he needs to do, he fully understands and appreciates that the change must come from within him. Yet still he seems to find any and all excuses not to follow advice. He is off this morning to Synexus again to be tested for yet another drug trial "in the hope of being able to help others in the future"!!! Telling him that these trials are paid for by the drug companies never seems to deter him, nor does the fact that they keep having to turn him down after tests because "his blood tests are too good"!

    I keep saying that the tests coming back "too good" is no excuse to just go on as if nothing were wrong, it simply means that they won't get the fantastic results from someone like him that they want to achieve with their new "miracle drug".

    He even goes out of his way to tell other people what a fantastic diet THD is because you can have bacon and eggs cooked in butter, steak with the fat still on and pork crackling is even allowed! However, the wine remains on a daily basis and nothing I say (even though he agrees with me) seems to change that either.

    I haven't given up, I won't give up, I just wish he would actually see his own irony! Oh well...
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