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Christelle's journey

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Weigh in: 88.8, 1kg above LL

I am thinking that I should maybe stop weighing for a while. I was pretty upset this morning with the 0.4kg gain. I do not know where this came from and this after I thought I was really very good yesterday. I do know my body takes a bit of time to start releasing again, normally by day 3 after eating properly, but I would have expected a sts, not a gain. The only thing that comes to mind is the coconut cream I used to make creamed spinach last night.

I have another meal of creamed spinach this morning and then all that is used up. Maybe I should have my last weigh-in tomorrow morning and see how it has affected me, then weighing will be off the cards for a while.

I really took to heart what was mentioned on the blog yesterday. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling the hunger coming but decided it wasn't enough to warrant a meal and therefor I decided to go without the meal until dinner. I was feeling very chuffed being able to do so and very chuffed because I was not eating any sweets (I did have 2 squares of 70% chocolate but have lost successfully before while having chocolate) but no jelly beans or other sweets and then the gain showed up. Argh. No way of winning! But alas, there is nothing I can do but to carry on. There is just no alternative to this kind of eating, so as I have said before, I am hooked - for life

B: creamed spinach, brisket and 1 duck egg

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    Christelle, I think these fluctuations are normal and that if you keep going you will reap the reward. You had a long plateau if I recall correctly from July to December last year but made some changes in January and started a downward trend again. You have lost over 5 stone and the body needs to be sure this is staying off before it releases the water which replaces the fat in the fat cells when fat is burned.

    Do not let yourself become downhearted. It is only a few days since you were having the battle of the jelly beans so give your body the time to accept it is not getting any more of those. If it helps, avoid weighing for a week (or even longer) and see where that gets you.
  2. Piper's Avatar
    I am just wondering if you are eating enough? Just a thought as obviously I'm by no means an expert. I'm sure you'll be losing again in no time!
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