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Christelle's trials and tribulations

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Weigh in: 88.4, 0.6kg above LL

Let's start with the good part of yesterday. I think I might have reacted to the coconut cream. I had a bit of a tummy ache and a bit of a bowel clean out too.

Then the not so good part of yesterday:

Wee C is camping with the scouts since Wednesday and will only be back on Sunday. OH decided we should have a date night and wanted Mexican food. We were both quite happy with this until I told him I will have the meatballs. He was having none of this. When he got home, we had a huge fight. He said to me "you are so difficult, we cannot go anywhere without it being an issue!" Needless to say I completely lost it (for an Afrikaans audience, I would have stated that I stripped my moer) and said it's fine, lets go to the Mexican place. I'll have something other than the meatballs. (He thinks meatballs is a dish you make at home and do not order from a restaurant).*

That landed me with 2 alcoholic drinks (one with Agave syrup, lime juice and tequila and one with passion fruit and tequila- like a slush puppy). The first one was quite nice but the second was overly sweet. Dinner was chili con carne with black beans and cheese on spicy rice. The tastes was very good and I actually enjoyed the meal. If I have to guess, I would think the meal was 80% carbs and 20% fat (even with it having meat and cheese). It was spicy without burning my mouth off. Then we orderd dessert. We both had churros and I found it disgustingly sweet. I had one and asked for a doggy bag for the other 2. OH wanted them, that is why I asked for them. If he does not eat them, they are going to the bin. I cannot and will not face that again! Hopefully this will not set of some cravings. My mind already went into the jelly bean jar on the way home and it is so funny because I am so very full, I cannot fathom eating anything else, but my mind is asking for jelly beans...
I was feeling bloated and heavy when we arrived at home. I am hoping this will pass quickly.*

As Gilli said, the line is drawn in the sand. To this point and no further."I will not allow a sod it, I will not allow a sod it!" I WILL NOT!!!

Luckily I could distract myself from the jelly beans last night and I caused no further harm. This morning my tummy is really aching and I have some wind too. The bowel clean out is continuing as well. Must be those stupid beans. I am surprised that I slept so well. Think the vit d3 might have overidden the pain / discomfort of the tummy. I have promised myself a clean phase 2 day today. (When I eventually have the courage to eat something)

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    Well the "date night" might have led to you eating the same food, but it sounds as if jelly beans were more interesting than a romantic liaison with your OH by the time you got home. I hope he learns not to push you where you don't want to go with food in future.

    If your weight goes up in a few days time you will know that a delayed response may be a possibility.

    Good luck with the clean P2 day today.
  2. Christelle's Avatar
    Gilli, you are right. Jelly beans were much more interesting than other things...
  3. roseymary's Avatar
    Surely Christelle what you put in your mouth is your choice. I do hope the sugar monster is kept at bay. If it isn't my deepest sympathies.
    Well done on ignoring the jelly bean jar as the first step of NO is the easiest to stop the totter into a binge.
  4. Christelle's Avatar
    That Rosey, is what the fight was about
  5. grumbleweed's Avatar
    After reading today's (Sunday) blog, I had to read this one.
    I have to say, Mexican food is one cuisine that has never tempted me. Even in my carb days...too many beans! And, TBH, I don't see a huge difference between meatballs and chilli as far as restaurant food is concerned. Next time, stick to your guns...and I hope OH listens.
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