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Christelle's trials and tribulations

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Weigh in: 87.4 NLL - not sustainable

I was feeling very very ill the whole day yesterday. I don't know of I am coming down with something or if this is all meal related. As per my gut (excuse the pun as this is what was really painful the complete day) it was the food. The reason I am wondering is because the reaction is so severe. It's like the first 5 days of starting THD.

I will not have this kind of meal soon again although I think OH will want to go back because he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Next time, I will just not tell him what I will order and I will stick to my kind of food. It will either be the meatballs or a salad.

I had tummy spasms, diarrhoea, fever, a headache and a very sore body the whole day yesterday. Where I normally do 10k steps easily during the day, I did only 4k. I was feeling sorry for myself the whole day. I had breakfast which was egg, bacon and biltong but that came out very quick afterwards. I drank probiotics and electrolites twice, had spasm tablets twice and had pain tablets twice during the day. At 02:00 this morning I was burning up (like when you have very high fever with the flu) and as soon as I got out of bed to get more pain tablets, I started shivering with cold. I drank the tabs and fell asleep soon after that again.

I didn't eat anything again until about 20:00 when I had some yogurt and right after that bone broth. It is the very first time I made bone broth and I really like it. I made it with the dog's chicken. She can have the chicken back (she can have the veggies too) once I am done with it. The broth will be simmering during the night and tomorrow. It will only be ready by then but I have already eaten a bowl of it because this was what I had wanted. I hope OH has made the connection that my illness has to do with the food I ate Friday night but I am not holding my breath.

Feeling much better this morning. The diarrhoea is not gone yet but at least I am hungry and do not feel hung over

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    Sending loads of sympathy Christelle that sounds rotten.
  2. roseymary's Avatar
    Christelle even though your gut says food - it was of such long duration I wonder bug. Either way it sounds miserable and a powerful weapon to use next time OH wants to choose your food when you are out.
  3. Piper's Avatar
    Didn't want to read and run - big hugs and hoping for a better day for you!
  4. Christelle's Avatar
    Thank you Piper.
    Rosey, I thought so too but I am definitely much better this morning. I even had the energy to wash the dog off the walls
    I do think it was food related. I will not make that mistake again, soon
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