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Christelle's trials and tribulations

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Weigh-in 86.6 NLL - Still believe it to be not sustainable

Yesterday was a funny day. When I woke up I was feeling much much better and I had enough in me to wash the dos of the walls. She stands against the wall and slides down when she lies down. This means all the walls in my hall is black at about half meter up from the ground. I was feeling pretty energetic by then but this did not last long.

I had yogurt for breakfast and this went down ok, lunch was chicken bone broth followed by biltong. I do not think the biltong was a good idea. After this it all went pear-shaped again. I had 3 chicken wings last night but I was forcing myself to eat something. I know I shouldn't force myself to eat something but I am thinking I will not be able to get better if I do not eat something. I am continuously thirsty and my head feels funny. I think I might be seriously dehydrated atm.

This morning I made myself some oats for work and I have packed in some more bone broth. I am hoping to have the will to eat these things. I think the oats might be a bit softer on the tummy (I hope). I made the oats with water and berries and it is looking quite good. I wanted to add banana in but I forgot we threw the bananas out yesterday. I was so in two about the oats and thought I am going to make the oats with whole milk, I know this is mixing but I the way I feel I really didn't care and then I remembered I had the berries, so moved away from that idea.

Rosey, I think you are right. Maybe the food intolerance set the thing in motion but 3 days later I am inclined to think it is a bug. I am at work currently but will just finish what needs to be done today, then I am going home to rest. Think I might go past the doc on my way home to see if I can get over this thing quicker. Tonight is the first practice for the dance show case and I cannot miss that!

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Christelle please stop saying this is not sustainable as your sub conscious will ensure that's the case. Perhaps keep saying something like WOW this new weight is great I want to even lower or something positive. Self talk is very powerful.

    I hope your bug is soon gone. Don't worry about not eating for a few days if you don't feel hungry- perhaps treat it as a resting from food opportunity.
  2. Gilli's Avatar
    Wise words from RM. Sending waves of sympathy Christelle and hope you feel better soon.
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