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Christelle's trials and tribulations

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Weigh-in 86.6; on LL

Yesterday was a funny day. I went to work in the morning but was feeling still quite ill and decided at 13:00 that it was time for me to go home. On my way home I went past the doctors. My preferable doc wasn't in, so I saw a different one. I'm not as happy with him as I am with the regular one but he'll do.

I left the practice (where there are several doctors, diet clinic, dentists, podiatrists and so on) with a whole pharmacy of medicines. My regular doctor would have asked me what do I have at home or what have I currently been taking for the condition and then he would add to what I already had or told me to not take a certain med but change it to something different. He would also ask my preference on some meds. Yesterday's doc did nothing of the sort but I then did so at the pharmacy. He prescribed a tablet for tummy spasm but I had one at home I was taking already and checking with the pharmacist, she was happy I keep on taking that one. The other was that he prescribed Rehidrate but my personal preference on these type of products is Hydra choice. It is much more palatable. He told me to lay off all dairy, coffee and eggs until at least Thursday. I asked him about yogurt and he said no yogurt. The coffee I am not concerned about. I tried drinking a cup yesterday and it was vile but on the yogurt advise I am going to disobey. Yogurt is one of the only items that felt right to eat during this time and how can he prescribe a multiflora and then tell me to not eat yogurt? That is what yogurt is... (in my mind at least). I think the message should have rather been stay away from sugary foods and eat only what you feel comfortable with.

I got home after being at the doc, ate bone broth and chicken wings, had the tabs, fetched Wee C and climbed into bed. I slept 12 hours straight (as per the sleep tracker). I am feeling worn down and tired at the moment and will be going back to bed soon.

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    It sounds as though you are on the mend Christelle. Have a restful day.
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