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Day 8 Again

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I am so pleased that I keep a blog as it has just helped remind me how I feel at this stage. Looking back to 2016's Day 8 I was dreaming about food and battling cravings and that's exactly what's happening now. Before I looked at the old blog entries I though that I would be feeling a bit better by now so it's reassuring to know that this is normal for me.

My cravings would like nothing more than for me to buy a bag of double choc cookies from Sainsbury's but I'm glad to say that when I went in to get a couple of bits earlier I managed to get out of the shop without picking them up. However I'm sitting here with my cravings screaming at me to go and buy some. I know that I won't but my brain is literally having this conversation:

Bad Brain: Go on, just have the cookies today and then get back on the wagon tomorrow.
Good Brain: It's not worth it and you'll be back to the start again.
Bad Brain: But it will taste sooo gooood.
Good Brain: No it won't. It will taste too sugary and, once you've eaten all 4 cookies, it will make you feel sick.
Bad Brain: OK, I'll be quiet for now... but not for long.

Having done THD before I know full well that I will get to the stage soon where I don't want anything sweet but that day can't come quickly enough. I wish I could time travel into the future to that day. I had a great day yesterday and hardly felt hungry at all so perhaps tomorrow will be better.

I'm having a nice big bowl of lamb stew shortly so that should make me feel better too.

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  1. Piper's Avatar
    Hello! Hang in there! You know it's worth it. Such freedom when the cravings stop
  2. Gilli's Avatar
    Hi HealthyStart. Welcome back and well done for getting to Day 8, again.

    It is the Candida driving these cravings I expect. You are very wise to take no notice of the importuning voice in your head because you will feel so much better when it has been banished.
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