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Christelle's trials and tribulations

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Weigh in: 85.8 NLL

I am really not sure what is going on with my body. I have lost 0.9kg overnight. I know I always complain about the fact that I pick this much up in one go and then only loose it in 200gm installments but this seems ridiculous. Maybe this is what happens if I do not cheat too much...?

Yesterday afternoon, when I got home (I was home alone) I wanted nuts. I was not hungry at the time but I wanted nuts. I picked up the packet with the full intention of opening the packet, taking some out and placing the packet back in the cupboard. Then my conscious brain took over and straightened that out for me. It told me in no uncertain terms that once I open this packet of nuts, I will not put it down until it is done. Did I really want to do this to myself? I placed the packet back into the cupboard and dished myself a meal of chicken, we braai'ed the night before, green beans cooked in tomatoes and 2 beets. I really enjoyed this meal. Last night I had a handful of biltong. It was a small amount as I really really wasn't hungry.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am still having 1-2 sq of 70-85 chocolate daily. I do not think that this is impacting me too much. I am loosing and I am quite happy (although loosing this amount scares the hell out me).

I went into a shop yesterday on my way home and saw some sexy sleepwear. I walked in, took some of the shelf to try on and the assistant lady asked me if I was aware that I took the xl of the shelf. I was quite aware that I did that but for the first time I though that other people are not seeing me as big as I see myself. As I said to Gilli in her question the other day, I do not see myself as a size 16. I still think of myself in terms of a size18 (at least). The fact that I am wearing size 16 jeans (which are at least 8yrs old) seem to not be registering in my mind. It seems to think that these are worn out.

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  1. Piper's Avatar
    I wonder if your body is simply feeling safe letting go of more weight now that you are consistently eating well. I know I've read on here that even with plateaus and fluctuations, by sticking to p2 there will always be a downward trend. Somebody put a daily weigh graph up a couple of years ago - it showed up down up down, but at the wnd of each week there was always a total loss. I think daily weighing can distract from simply trusting the process. (I appreciate a lot of people feel happier doing this but i thinki would get stressed about the fluctuations)

    Sounds like you are slimming down nicely

    Very well done on leaving the nuts in the cupboard!
  2. Lindam's Avatar
    Amazing achievement over the nuts Christelle - we'll done that woman!

    I think you are getting the weightloss you have worked so hard to achieve. That it doesn't always come when one thinks it should, is almost a norm of THD. Provided you feel well in yourself then enjoy the long awaited fruits of your labour.

    Really happy for you Christelle xx
  3. Gilli's Avatar
    Really happy for you Christelle, both on the weightloss and on the self-control.
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    Christelle revel in the weight loss now you're expecting to be on that downward trend rather than being in " my happy place" it's all working for you. Very well done you've really done so well to get down from that plateau. Saying no to nuts is part of that fantastic journey.
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