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Back Again

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It looks like thereís something in the air with a number of old members relaunching themselves.

I started in 2011 and lost a couple of stone over 2 and a half years and was happily stabilised around 12 stone. I got married and took my eye off the ball. My husband is one of those people who never sit still and as a consequence he weighs just under ten stone, so I changed to eating like he does and promptly put four stone on over the past five years. Iím trying very hard not to think of us 8n terms of those old seaside postcards....

Iím now fifty, with a multitude of little physical issues - aching knees, aching little finger joints, skin not looking its best and generally sick of the inability to look good in anything.

I restarted THD about ten days ago and have lost about four pounds, but already can feel the energy levels rising and positivity returning.

I have considered that being overweight at my time of life feels like Iím teetering on the edge of the point of no return, and the thought of actively disabling myself does fill me with horror but to be honest, the thing that has got my backside in gear is the booking of a family holiday to Canada and really really not wanting to be the one who canít walk very far so I have four months to make a bit of a difference.

All support welcomed!

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    Well done for losing 4lb since re-starting, and even more congratulations on beginning to feel better.

    You may have to stop thinking of THD as a "diet" you are on at the moment and re-frame it as the way you eat now. There is nothing to stop your husband continuing to mix his carbs and fats for meals you eat together but it will be easier for you if he supports your endeavours to keep them separate for yourself.

    The trip to Canada is a real incentive to improve your sense of well-being and ability to be active so keep posting and blogging and all the lovely people on the forum will cheer your progress along.
  2. Piper's Avatar
    I hear you about the positivity and energy levels rising. It's a great feeling isn't it? At 10 days in you are over the worst, and very well done on the 4lbs lost.

    I know just what you mean about the point of no return. I have just turned 51, and I have felt in the last couple of years that I'm still capable of most things, but if I don't get on with them now it'll be harder to start later. Applies to any age I guess.
  3. roseymary's Avatar
    Google the word diet in a dictionary and you should fine the definition " the way a person habitually eats" so if you think of the Harcombe way of eating as your life time "diet" it becomes much easier.
    And of course welcome back and keep blogging, it's a really powerful tool.
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