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26 April

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I had sore eyes all day yesterday which was not pleasant. Unfortunately they are feeling much better today. Still managing to maintain P2 without temptation to stray.
Felt full at dinner time yesterday and so skipped dinner. Lots to do today and tomorrow to be ready for weekend. It's getting tricky as I know I will run out of places to hide things. I can't get some things ready until Saturday either after I mange to send OH out with daughter to ' get the things I've forgotten but need for dinner!' I can't go as I will be ' busy getting other things prepared so that we can all go out later!' Or something similar. It will be harder to keep this secret as OH hasn't been allowed to drive since all his health issues started almost 5 years ago and he can't go anywhere without me!
Fortunately two children and partners arrive on Friday for ' a weekend visit' daughter to visit my hairdresser ( long way to come) and son who lives abroad, has a school trip this week which he can leave in the UK.
OH is currently full of suggestions for things to do at weekend. I counter this by suggesting we wait till they are here and see what the weather does!
I am still a little concerned/uncertain about How I feel regarding drinking wine on Saturday but no doubt I will come to terms with it before then. Food will be ok.
B: THD shake
L: cold pork ( last night's dinner) salad
D: small piece of steak , asparagus and another vegetable
Drinks : sparkling water and peppermint tea

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about the sore eyes, perhaps a bit of stress.

    I remember organising a surprise party for my husband's 70th. It was to be held at a friend's house an hours drive away. I said we were going out to dinner with them down there and just as we were about to set out he went on strike and said he wasn't driving for a hour for a pub meal. At which point I had to tell him about the surprise party including overseas visitors and told him he wouldn't live to 71 if he didn't show suitable surprise. He acted his part extremely well and everybody thought it was a surprise!

    So you have my deepest sympathies keeping your secret.

    If you're worried about the wine drinking then perhaps just have a small glass for the toast.
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