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Party Time!

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Sneaky visit to the supermarket this morning to buy all the things I couldn't buy when OH was there!
He can stay at home to be with the early arrivals!
The secret is still safe. It used to be easier to do things like this but once OH had to stop driving we both lost our independence as he couldn't go anywhere without me( life in a village with almost no public transport) so it is very rare that I go anywhere on my own these days! It's worse since deciding to give up work.
The trickiest part of the day will be sending OH out so that everyone can arrive and I can finish getting things ready!
Can't see this as an outdoor event although am still hoping to cook on the BBQ!
Had some wine last night with dinner and steak and ale pie minus the pastry and the ale. I cooked my inside in a little red wine and ate it with courgette . It was good.
Had two small glasses of wine though
Am planning to have a THD shake late morning and then BBQ food at around 5.30 . It needs to be early to ensure grand child's participation. Meal has lots of P2 food so should be ok. I am not usually tempted by all the other things! I just have to ensure no one tries to give me birthday cake. I'm not really a fan of cake , so hopefully.....
I will have some wine but not too much!
Will report back tomorrow!

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    Fingers crossed for a successful surprise party.
  2. Christelle's Avatar
    So glad the secret is still safe. Congrats on that front and working around OH without him getting suspicious.
    Enjoy the party and the food on offer. When it is time for cake, maybe do the following: say you are allergic to gluten, so no thank you or if it gets to that accept a small piece on a plate and then carry that plate everywhere. Make sure you have a glass in the other hand so that you do not have a hand to eat the cake. When everybody ate their cake, place the (still full plate of cake) on a table and walk away
  3. roseymary's Avatar
    All the best for tomorrow and ENJOY yourself.
  4. Piper's Avatar
    Hope it all goes fun and smoothly!
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