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Denial is not a river in Egypt

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I have completed my first five days. I was not going to do the full detox and was going to sneak coffee into the plan - but decided not to stage a rebellion but to be obedient and trust the Harcombe process. I am often caught between those two polarities on a diet or 'lifestyle change'. Initially obedient but then deciding that I know so much better and then becoming disappointed and returning to my habitual eating. I am moving away from denial and seeing this process of change.

What surprised me is the physical withdrawals and how intense they were. Headaches, exhaustion, irritability, lower back pain that just wouldn't shift, heavy sleeping, early waking, dreaming vividly. Something kept me going and I think it was that I wasn't craving. I really wasn't and nor was I hungry that much. The occasional rumble but I liked the rules of three meals a day. Other diets say 'eat as much as you like' and I hear 'eat as much as you can'. I have found planning helps and my energy began to return on day 4 and I was able to calmly cook my supper rather than 'go feral' on the contents of the fridge.

I haven't weighed myself yet because I am enjoying being free from cravings and I don't want to start being organised by numbers on the scales. I will start weighing myself but am just going to allow myself to enjoy this feeling - hope it lasts. I am not sure when others weighed themselves and be interested to know?

Decided to stay on phase 1 as I have quit a bit to lose. I was going to start drinking coffee again but changed my mind. I am drinking more water and found a "50 shades of Wee" chart suggests I need to drink more water. The particular shade of yellow I needed to achieve needed to be more transparent and less daffodil!

I am getting cramps in my feet at night though which slightly worried me. I am going to check out the newest link by harcombe to see if I am getting all the nutrients I need.

My quote of the day - The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Well done on sticking to the rules. I'm a bit of a rebel as well but having read ZoŽ's books decided she knew more than I did and stuck to the rules.
    You are not having as much salt since giving up processed food so perhaps add salt to your cooking. If this doesn't work magnesium applied topically works for me.
  2. Piper's Avatar
    Congratulations on completing phase 1! I did it properly the first time in 2012 and felt much like you did. Zoe said you often don't feel hungry on P1, unlike other diets. Cravings yes, detox nastiness yes, but hunger - no. This time round although I haven't been as strict as I know I ought to be, I didn't feel ill, just a bit bleurgh. I wonder if caffeine and wheat are the things that detox most painfully.

    Am with Roseymary re salt. I'm using much more on my food than ever before.

    It came to my attention a while back that there is more salt in one slice of the 'healthy' seeded bread than there is in a packet of crisps. And i was eating at least 4 slices a day and usually more!

    Also re daffodil wee....are you taking any supplements? I find multi vits have a real yellowing effect on wee.
  3. Piper's Avatar
    Oh and weighing? I weighed the first day of P1, and have done so twice since then. I only do it if I'm convinced weight is down, as like you I don't want to get obsessed with numbers, and all the time I'm not craving or bingeing then I'm happy
  4. Alison13's Avatar
    Thanks Roseymary and Piper. I might get some magnesium salts for the bath! So thank you for that and it seems both of you suggest more salt. I was surprised to hear about the amount in bread so I could get away with a bit more seasoning. I say that but when I think that I ate tons of bread and crisps. My go to 'binge' was bread with some sort of topping and crisps chased with jelly beans and flapjacks.

    I am astonished by butter permission and had butter chicken which was gorgeous. i am not eating for the sake of it but its blooming lovely.

    Not taking any supplements and I know what you mean about their yellowing effect. I did cane the old carrots which perhaps was a sweet craving diverted into veg!

    I am not sure what must detox most painfully but reading about caffeine withdrawal was quite surprising as there is a huge list of symptoms. I did a straw poll at work and there was a ripple of fellow caffeine abstainers gasping and sharing their own experiences. It could be wheat too I guess. I hadn't thought of that.

    I dont know when I will weigh. I shall just keep on keeping on!

    Thanks again both.
  5. Christelle's Avatar
    Piper, personally I think the detox is the caffeine and the sugar. Maybe wheat to some extend but I think the sugar is the other one that makes you feel really bad.

    Alison, well done in doing it and going cold turkey. That takes serious guts and you did it and come out fine on the other side. If you do decide to have coffee, rather switch to decaf if you do not want to experience the caffeine withdrawal symptoms again. I would also have suggested having more salt in you diet for the cramps. To weigh or not to weigh, that is a personal question. I weigh daily but not everybody can handle seeing those numbers every day. Especially if they are not budging. The feel of your clothes should be a good indicator as to what is busy happening without seeing the number on the scale.
    Trust the process (and the rules) and you will get there
  6. Alison13's Avatar
    Thanks Christelle. I am drinking a decaff as I write. I tended to be quite dismissive of decaff but it will do. I suspect I will be high as a kite if I have a proper coffee! I have started to notice small changes in my body and it feel good. I guess you know where you are if you weigh every day. I have done this myself in the past. I am always amazed that if the scales say the right thing I am almost granted a better day than if they said the wrong thing. I will weight at some point but I am a bit anxious I think.
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