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Christelle's trials and tribulations

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Weigh in: 87.9 2kg above LL

Ok, I am not doing so well at the moment. I thought I could do a phase 1 reset with Brie but I fell flat on my face with that one. Sorry Brie, I really wanted to but my heart was not in it. I am still not in the right place to do a proper phase1 so I'll do the best phase2 I can manage.

I think things have changed in my eating patterns again. This is what makes the diet unbelievably difficult for me. The goalposts move. When I started THD, I was having 3 large meals a day. No problem. Then later, I realised that my breakfast was big enough to carry me through to supper. That worked well for some months, then suddenly, I found myself really hungry in the evenings when I got home and ate way too much. This prompted me to add back the lunch but to make it a real small one. Just enough food to tie me over. This worked well for some months and now it has changed again. My little food in the afternoon is not enough and I am ravenous once again when I get home.

Time to change tactics. Again. Think I will be making a smaller breakfast with a bigger lunch (not huge, just bigger than what I am currently eating) and see if that does not suite me better. Time will tell.

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    Good luck.
  2. roseymary's Avatar
    Best of luck, you just needs to find out what works for you so that weight loss recommenced. You found hen eggs made you stall do you think there's any other food that's an potential issue?
  3. Christelle's Avatar
    I do think dairy plays a roll too RM, but apart from the kefir (which I do not seem to have an issue with), the rest seem fine. I do steer clear of dairy in any case
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    You may think kefir isn't an issue but it might be. Perhaps hold the kefir for a few days and see 8f there's any change.
  5. JaneS's Avatar
    I’m loving having kefir made with coconut milk .....
  6. celiaj's Avatar
    Maybe you could try eating a bit more at lunchtime and then less in the evening-as an experiment?
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