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Dr Verner Wheelock's scary statistics

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A very phase 3 weekend has got me itching to do a THD hard re-set, but Iíve been thwarted by a ludicrous situation over some Belgian chocolates and a planned drink with an old friend, meaning I will not be good to go with said re-set until Wednesday. I always find major phase 3 diversions leave me longing to get back on track, but what has got me especially fired up this time is Dr Verner Wheelockís excellent book Healthy Eating: The Big Mistake. Honestly it contains very little I havenít read about or at least had some awareness of before, but itís a really well presented collation of the salient points and a fantastic reminder of why it isnít a great idea to eat carbs or processed food, unless you want to increase your chances of CVD, Cancer, Alzheimers, T2D, Metabolic syndrome, etc, etc. Scaring myself like this fairly often is what helps to keep me on the straight and narrow for most of the time.

I have been doing rather badly at THD since the start of 2018 really Ė I picked up about 5lbs over Christmas and have not so far managed to lose it, which is silly because we really arenít talking about that much weight here. I have been trying out various strategies here and there but not much has been happening, because I havenít stuck at them for long enough. It has sort of finally dawned on me, I think, that I just need to stick to the actual rules, and the only personal adaptations I should be incorporating are those that make it more restrictive, not more permissive. So despite having lost most of my weight without having to give up wine, getting away with avocados, or anything else, I will now be starting again with a strict phase 2 of only fat meals, and with the Wheelock book close at hand. I am optimistic that with this approach, I should be back down to my Ďnormalí BMI weight of 12 stone 2 pretty quickly, and perhaps I will sail on past it into NLL territory, which would be anything starting with an 11. That last happened in idiotic, unsustainable calorie counting days and was held on to for all of about 10 minutes Ė it would be amazing to get there with real food in a way that could last. But frankly Iíll be glad if I can just get back to a set point of 12 stone 2 and be stable there again for a bit. I think that the combination of actually doing THD properly, and occasionally scarring myself with my reading choices should do it!

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    I have that book on the bedside table MrJDW, but it has not yet reached the top of the pile.

    Your plan sounds like a great one and I wish you every success. It is amazing how easy it is to con oneself into thinking that the rules are being adhered to when the reality is very much a series of personal adaptations.

    Do, please, find the time to post about your progress. It is always inspiring to see what strategies help others succeed and also helps us flag up errors and omissions of our own which may lead to failure.
  2. Christelle's Avatar
    Good luck MrJDW.
    I am sure you are going to nail it!
  3. hejoba's Avatar
    Good luck - and keep blogging so we can all learn from you I'm ~15lbs off my 'normal' BMI weight but otherwise in a similar situation
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    That book is sitting beside me but each time I pick it up I find concentration is shot.
    Those last few pounds are a pain to remove ans I wonder if we sometimes have unnatural expectations givem thus way of eating is for life and has to be sustainable.
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