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Re-set day 1

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Here we go then, day 1. Starting weight, 12 stone 6lbs 6oz. For the full Bridget Jones effect I will disclose 4 glasses of wine last night (only 2 of which were chardonnay!) but don't expect this to be repeated as it is now off the menu. My only non-phase 2 item I will be consuming is caffeinated coffee, which I plan to keep drinking until July.

Off to a good start with 4 rashers of bacon for breakfast. Lunch currently a bit of an unknown but I'm never at risk of making P3 choices over lunch during the working week. Dinner is 97% sausages with onions and vegetables. Wasn't actually planned like this, but it just so happens that sausages are the 1 meal I regularly have where I tend not to fancy wine, so it's nice that I'm set up to succeed. Quite excited to have finally got started.

Finished Dr Verner Wheelock last night, started Doctoring Data (Kendrick) this morning. I'm not sure Malcolm is going to be quite as helpful because in the introduction he talks about being a risk-taker, and believing in doing what makes you happy, while ignoring most advice. I hope it doesn't send me off down the path of thinking 'life is for living, I could be run over by a bus tomorrow' because that's when cheats creep in! I don't think Malcolm would do that to me though I think the most important thing to keep hold of will be what actually would make me happy at the moment, and I believe the answer to that is getting my weight back under control, having great nights of uninterrupted sleep (only happens when I am off the wine) and getting my brain back from the fog that the cheats and poor sleep cause.

Don't let me moan if I don't lose any weight for the first week!

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  1. Hoffi coffi's Avatar
    Good luck I read Dr wheelock's book fairly recently. Was a bit overwhelmed by all the statistics, well done for getting through it
  2. Christelle's Avatar
    You are so close to NW, MrJDW, that it might not happen in the first week for you. Get yourself ready for if that should happen.
    Good luck with your re-set. I really hope it works for you and I like how you "set yourself up to succeed". Brilliant planning (although I understand you said it was not planned like that)
  3. MrJDW's Avatar
    I know I'll feel better for doing this, even if weight doesn't change much or quickly. So I'm hoping I can be grown up about that, if that's what happens.

    12 stone 2 seemed to be NW without giving up wine. I'm optimistic that my real NW may turn out to be lower if I actually do it properly!
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    All the best with your reset.

    The fact you have a meal planned that you normally wouldn't have wine with makes me wonder for myself how much of my eating is habit.
  5. MrJDW's Avatar
    Do you mean in terms of what you have with what, Rosey?

    It's certainly easy to get into a bit of a rut. We can end up eating the same 5 evening meals every week. I must have a proper look at the recipe book and try to ring the changes a bit.
  6. Gilli's Avatar
    Sending you best wishes MrJDW for a very successful reset.
  7. roseymary's Avatar
    Mr JDW like my piece of 85% with after dinner coffee. Totally unnecessary but a habit.
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