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Day 3

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Today I felt a bit shaky when I woke up and so tested my blood sugar levels. I was down to 3.4 so no wonder I didn't feel great. I had breakfast - Bacon, mushroom (I've got to use them up) and avocado but even after that I felt so lethargic that I could hardly keep my eyes open and certainly didn't want to move off the sofa. So, I had a Kiwi. I know that fruit is off the menu for P1 but I made sure I waited 2 hrs after breakfast to eat it. I also eat the skin to try to slow down the sugar absorption. Anyway I felt a lot better after it.

Lunch was stirfry pork with courgette and green beans. I can't eat butter due to milk protein intolerance so cook with a big lump of lard and poor any left in the frying pan over my meal.

It's now 6:15pm and I'm just starting to think about dinner. I tested my blood sugar levels and they are a nice 4.6 so I'll happily have a low-ish carb dinner. I have to remember that THD isn't LCHF. I will most probably have the same as last night - Beef stew with carrots and more green beans and possibly some cauliflower. I have to be a bit careful with cruciferous veg as it can give me painful gas!

Anyway, I'm pleased that the monitor confirmed my suspicions this morning - I'd hate to think that I was getting all shaky for some other reason! And the bonus was that when I weighed myself this morning I'd lost 2lb.

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  1. Bronn's Avatar
    Congratulations on losing 2 lbs !
    Just be careful with adding bits in just because they are there, a friend once suggested that all I was doing was pouring things down the drain by pouring them through me first - same result, but one way I put on weight, and one I didnít. The waste not want not brigade have a lot to answer for
  2. roseymary's Avatar
    Please put away your blood sugar monitor - it's nit necessary unless you're a diabetic and I believe it's influencing you to eat non THD. Yes you may feel wobbly for a few days when yiu eventually do P1, but that's getting over the 3 conditions which you'll not do if you're drip feeding yourself P3 foods. Zoe recommends 3-4 hours between carb and fat meals.
    Try fried bacon and eggs for breakfast with a tomato, perfect P1 brekkie.
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