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Day 14

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I'm pleased to have made it to 14 days and now feel that it's become a way of life. I know that I've still got to be careful at this stage not to be lulled into a false sense of security. I'm still avoiding fruit, all though I had some blueberries the other day, as I know that the sugar content is enough to set me off on a sugar binge. I've got a busy week next week which could be dangerous so I'm off to Sainsburys this morning to make sure I've got plenty of supplies. I'm determined to make it to 21 days by which time a month won't seem that far off.

I'm at a healthy 8st 13lb at the moment but ideally would like to drop 3 - 6lb as I usually weigh around 8st 7lb to 8st 10lb but I'm not going to stress about it. It's more important to me to stay feeling full and therefore off the sugar than to worry about a couple of pounds. Before Harbcome I struggled to maintain 9st 4lb to 9st 10lb, always going on a 'diet' ie calorie counting when I hit the upper limit, so 8st 13lb is fine. I've also been walking more so feel great that my fitness level is improving.

B: Bacon and avocado
L: Chicken Salad
D: Can't decide at the moment as in one of those 'not sure what I fancy' moods - might be steak as I haven't had it for ages.

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Well done on 14 days of clean eating. I'm impressed you've list weight even though you've been P3 on many days with avocados, they obviously suit you.
  2. Lindam's Avatar
    14 days is a real achievement HS xx
  3. Gilli's Avatar
    You are winning HS and settling back into Harcombe wonderfully. Hope your busy week does not lead you into sugar temptations.
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