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Onward and Downward

Four Pounds and Seven Inches

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At the end of Phase One my number crunching reads like this:

Weight 13st 4lb -4lbs
BMI 30 -.5
Body Fat 4st 12lb -4lbs
BF% 36.6 -1.6
H2o 46.2% +1.1%

Bust 43"
Waist 37"
Hips 44"
Thighs 23/23"
Arms 13/13" -1" of every measurement =7" in total lost

I'm really happy with my results, and moving on I'm going back to more plant based eating now, so mostly carb meals,with the occasional eggy breakfast ... well our free range girls are laying so well it would be rude not too

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  1. Gilli's Avatar
    Terrific start Sue.

    I hope the mostly carb meals plan works well for you, I know I couldn't do it that way but we each have our own individual tolerances and intolerances.

    Good luck for the transition to P2.
  2. roseymary's Avatar
    Sue well done on finishingbphase 1.

    Just a question - you gained weight eating a mainly plant based diet so what changes are you making to ensure that your weightloss continues?
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