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Argyll and the islands

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Just returned from a brilliant week away in a campervan, touring Argyll. The weather was amazingly hot but sadly that did bring out the midges as soon as the temperature dropped slightly. Iím not sure how the residents of the west coast actually manage as I was demented with them, although they didnít bite me much.

Didnít even attempt to keep on track but really enjoyed the food that I did have, but keen to get back to eating properly so that the 5lbs Iíve put on disappears as quickly as it appeared.

Frustratingly my husband who ate more than I did and who weighs 5 stone less than I do, remained exactly the same weight.

Equally frustratingly after seven nights in a campervan, the longed for night in my own bed has resulted in a stiff neck so Iím sitting here in agony.

Plans now kick in to eat well for the next two months to try to shift a stone.

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  1. Lindam's Avatar
    Welcome back Bronn, glad you had a lovely holiday. Hope the stiff neck disappears soon. The 5lb will shift if you get straight back on the wagon - easy on, easy off. Xx
  2. Bronn's Avatar
    That’s what I’m hoping Linda - not too stressed about it though
  3. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    The midges are what put me off! They love me...

    It’s very unfair when men eat worse than us and weigh less! But Linda’s right, get back on it and it should come off as quick as it went on!
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    Bron why restrict yourself to 2 months of "eating well" when you could have great eating for the rest of your life?
  5. Bronn's Avatar
    RM - I’m not really, it’s just two months to my next big holiday which is my next milestone - Acter that one i’ll pick another milestone, and another until I get back to the weight I was in 2011 which was 12-4. I maintained there quite happily for two years until I got married. The problem I had then was three ‘honeymoons’ (over the year - one real one, one when we went away with our daughters, and a final autumn break) I never quite got back on the wagon between each one and then just never got going again. I’m trying very hard not to do that this time round.
  6. Gilli's Avatar
    Bronn this sounds like an extension of the "just for today" thinking, which is clearly a good strategy for you. Setting milestones probably enables your brain to say well I can do this for 2 months in the same way that some people use the I can do this just for today method.

    I am glad that you are with us for the long term and wish you every success reaching your next milestone.
  7. Bronn's Avatar
    Thanks Gilli!

    I’ve always believed in this way of eating, the problem when not keeping fats and carbs separate means the weight goes back on.

    I’ve never gone back to eating crap, just too many meals out and too much socialising
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