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Weighing and Waiting

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To weigh or not to weigh that is the question. I am not sure whether to leap on the scales or not. It has been 6 weeks and my trouser size hasn't altered (mind you I wear elasticated ones).

I feel a bit uncertain and today I was staring at the scales. A friend said I look different and my tops are loose, but the weight doesn't seem to be shifting. I know its a lifestyle change and I am so pleased not to be hungry so I am going to keep going. I just feel a bit 'meh'.

The most important thing is my son is coming home in about 10 sleeps. Feeling a bit anxious that he is going abroad first and I think and that is making my mind turn towards food and weighing and control.

I am so excited and I want to nurture him, but am not going to use him as an excuse to eat as I have in the past. He will often say that i should just eat what I need to and he will join me. I then insist I get food that I secretly want to eat myself. However am going to BBQ and have planned to make lots of spicy food that I can have. Also making Cloud bread which is odd but pleasant.

Feeling a bit impatient

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  1. roseymary's Avatar
    Alison if people are saying you look different then something has changed for you. I must admit I was a weekly weigher when I first started and found it very helpful until one week when nothing happened and boy did I have to fight the sod it mentality. But I didn't and went on to lose 21 kgs in a year.
    Yes using family and cooking for non THD foods for them has caused some members to go seriously off piste, so as you have a son who says he'll eat what you do put on a THD banquet and you can both enjoy it.
    Suggestion for a meal - low carb antipasto plate followed by Roast belly pork, cheese board, berries and thick cream, perfect Phase 2 meal and delicious.
  2. celiaj's Avatar
    That sounds delicious!
    I think , Alison, that like me, you find it hard to accept what is happening unless it is validated by the scales! I find it really hard if I haven't weighed for a while as I get scared -the ' what if .....' Demon takes over And I worry that I will be disappointed with what the scales say! Logic tells me , though, that if clothes are looser than Things are going well. I vacillate between weighing every day and not weighing for weeks. Don't know about you, but I feel that it is one hang up I need to leave behind and that I need to learn to me more confident in myself and my choices, I am hoping that this will come with time and that I my chosen way of eating will be so embedded that I no longer think that this!
  3. Alison13's Avatar
    Thanks both - felt good to hear from you.
    Love that menu Roseymary - made my mouth water and i think I am dipping into phase 2 now. Brilliant weight loss BTW and fighting that 'sod it' is impressive. I think I am beginning to look different and am starting to try on old clothes but it feels like a trek.
    Celiaj - yes the 'what if...' demon has taken over. My worse one is 'what if I have only lost a pound'. I like the idea of embedding the new plan so it just becomes an ordinary way of going on.
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    Alison somethings to think about -
    How long did it take you to put the weight on?
    What would you do differently if you weren't eating this way?
    Eat as you were that caused yiu to gain or eat this way and know it will work.
    Are you feeling better in yourself?
    Suggest you read the champions pages to validate your belief in this way of eating.
  5. Alison13's Avatar
    Thank Roseymary. I will read that page. I am a yo-yo. I like the way I feel on this plan and I do feel better in my energy.
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