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June 13th

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Another day at work so I bought my usual food with me but shook things up a bit by having the king prawns for breakfast instead of the chicken. The prawns were actually nicer in the morning than they are at lunchtime as they're colder. I had my usual cherry tomatoes and a little cheese too. For lunch I had another small chunk of cheese, some NLY and some cherry tomatoes but couldn't face the chicken.

The chicken went in the dog when I got in and I had steak and buttered veg for dinner. I've stuck to decaf coffee today and haven't had any water.

I usually have an exercise class on a Wednesday but this was cancelled so I settled for a walk along the seafront with one of my DDs (the other isn't talking to me) and the dog. It helped.

I'm not working tomorrow but am having afternoon tea with a friend. I should be looking forward to it but I'm not because of all the sweet stuff there'll be. However my friend has had a rough time lately so for one meal tomorrow I shall deviate off plan. The good thing is that the place we're going to offer doggy bags for leftovers so I can watch what I eat, feign fullness and bring the rest home for DH.

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  1. grumbleweed's Avatar
    "the chicken went in the dog..." Lol! I like that.
  2. Christelle's Avatar
    I am sure DJ was quite happy with his chicken.
    For one meal it should not be an issue but your friend will also understand if you tell her you are really not hungry and just have a coffee with her. Just get talking so much that you "forget" to eat
  3. Gilli's Avatar
    I hope you enjoy your get together with your friend over afternoon tea. Some places (such as Betty's tea rooms in York and Harrogate) do savoury tea items as well as sweet such as smoked salmon with scrambled egg. I do hope you are able to find something which suits you so that you don't feel "deprived" by being unable to join in.
  4. roseymary's Avatar
    I occasionally go to a place "Lady Lavendar's tea rooms" which does car heavy everything and gorgeous dessrts, they do an open smoked salmon sandwich so I have that without the bread. So hopefully you can do something similar.
  5. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    Hope 2nd daughter starts talking soon... Son went off to first counselling session yesterday (paid for by yours truly), said it was really good, has decided more or less what he wants to pursue in life (which is a positive) - thought we were going great for a change. Then he went out and came back with hair dyed green... WTF???

    Also, I went on a Customer Service course on Tuesday, and spent ages talking to a lovely lady with an ADHD/ASD son. We're not alone - not that that in itself makes life much easier!

    Pleased you had a good day!
  6. Darkalley37's Avatar
    Well the afternoon tea was lovely. I had heard the portions were huge so I purposely didn't eat breakfast. There was a choice of savoury as well as sweet items. Items were either served in a small glass or as they came. So I had 4 sticks of fried halloumi, a mixed salad in a glass, a cheese and leek tart (left the pastry), a small round of French bread with a pesto mayo and a dessert of passion fruit, cream and raspberries although I think they had added sugar to the cream.

    I did feign fullness although I didn't have to try hard. They also do doggy boxes so I brought home a scone with clotted cream and jam, a chocolate brownie, a chocolate and raspberry cup cake, a banoffee pie cup cake and a lemon meringue tart.

    They served us with a glass of prosecco and tea. I toasted my friend with a small amount of prosecco and drank a small amount of tea (my first since April). When we were asked if we wanted more tea I ordered a decaf coffee.

    We went for a walk along the beach after and then home.

    DH, DD no. 1 and DJ are circling around the doggy box. DD no. 2 flounced in and upstairs and will probably stay there until she gets hungry.

    Both my DDs have had / are having counselling Sarah but I've not had any green hair moments as yet although I expect something like that, a piercing or a tattoo will appear at some stage.

    You're right though it isn't easy but it does help to know we're not alone.
  7. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    We have a piercing (ear with stretcher) and are desperate for a tattoo, but have agreed nothing irreversible until he’s fully independent! And he knows I’ll kill him if he gets a tattoo before he’s finished paying me what he owes me!

    Oh, and green is an improvement on the fluorescent pink...
  8. Darkalley37's Avatar
    Good for you Sarah. My DDs are desperate for independence but only the bit where they get to choose what they do and funnily enough not the bit where they have to pay for what they do.

    It's been the hardest two years of my life. Some days it's really hard but others I catch a glimpse of the child I knew and I feel sure that once the hormones are more balanced, she'll be back. I also try to look for the positives and today's is 'If she's not talking to me at least she can't ask me for money'. Chin up, Sarah.
  9. Darkalley37's Avatar
    [QUOTE=grumbleweed;bt17949]"the chicken went in the dog..." Lol! I like that.[/QUOTE]

    Actually GW 'the chicken went in the dog who's a pig' would be more accurate.
  10. Sarah(sjc)'s Avatar
    Apparently, I’m obsessed with money, when I suggest that they might like to earn it... but it’s fine so long as I dish it out!

    These things will pass (I hope)
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