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    Trust me I'm a Doctor - Don't!

    Hi all
    I don't know if any of you caught the episode on Wed night. Watch between 12-18 mins in (probably only available in UK).

    I was struggling to find anything trustworthy within those few...
  2. Hi all Mr JDW is right - 3.5 weeks is nowhere...

    Hi all
    Mr JDW is right - 3.5 weeks is nowhere near enough to fat adapt.

    Phinney and Volek - the experts in fat adaptation - would be impressed if elite athletes became fat adapted in 4-6 weeks...
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    Bariatric surgeon works it out!

    Hi all
    I've spotted a few book reviews in January for a book by Andrew Jenkinson - a bariatric surgeon. Here's an article on the book.

    His views include:
    - The concept of a natural weight,
  4. Thread: Game changer

    by Zoe

    Game changer

    Hi all
    Some of you may have seen the trailer for the new James Cameron film. I've not seen it yet - I've seen the trailer and it raised a lot of questions. Djokovic is on the credits but he's not...
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