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Thread: Oh dear !I quoted Zoe and now im having a debate!

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    Hi Ted!

    Thanks for your post! - Full of wisdom and sense!

    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    [QUOTE=TedHutchinson;131332]To be honest I think we all have a duty to ensure we do try to explain what we are doing and why we are doing it.

    Perhaps we are not all as good as Zoe or Gary Taubes at explaining the underlying principles as clearly as they are able but the idea that in order to burn the surplus calories we have in stored fat we much first reduce our carbohydrate intake is simply common sense.
    [url=]Essential Biochemistry for Medicine Mitchell Fry[/url] is a text book for medical and biomedical undergraduates that presents a fully integrated approach to biochemistry and medicine and it has a reasonably easy explaination of the basics of a low carb higher fat approach.

    Of course this only deals with one aspect of Zoe's approach and there is more to it than just reducing refined carbohydrates and increasing fat.

    It's simply a matter of fact that[url=] fat as it passes through the digestive system activates the release of the satiety hormones that govern hunger and fullness (cholecystokinin (CCK), glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), peptide YY (PYY)). [/url]

    We would regard as crazy anyone who suggested that we should remove the brakes from our cars and just use will power and self discipline to control our speed. Why isn't it thought just as crazy to remove the brakes on our appetite by reducing the fat, that activates CCK,GLP-1& PYY secretion, from our diet?[/QUOTE]

    Ted, AMAZING post thank you x

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    Your friend is probably very scared to embrace anything that might go against all the advice that is 'out there'.

    Most of us have come here because we had reached a total dead end and were looking for anything that showed us the way.
    Some people are not at that point, or are not of the character type to jump out of the sinking boat.
    If she see's you or photos of you regularly she will get the message.
    After all they are not attacking you, they are just defending the path they are on.

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    [QUOTE=Mat;131350] Hi Ted!

    Thanks for your post! - Full of wisdom and sense!

    Bookmarked! [/QUOTE]


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    I have had little success in explaining THD to friends, even though they have remarked how well I looked. Mainly they said I didn't need to lose weight anyway (which was untrue). So many people believe the propaganda about eating less of everything, especially fat, and doing exercise. I believed it too, but have now learned otherwise just from two months on this diet.

    Thank you, Ted, for your clear explanation. I shall read it again and try to explain things better to other people when I'm questioned.


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