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Thread: Think im just gonna throw the towel in

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    I've slipped many a time and I feel bad when I end up scoffing the biscuits etc, but at the time the taste is so comforting. BUT due to THD I understand what is going on and you just have to draw the line underneath it and get back on Phase 1 asap. It's fruitless blaming yourself. You can do it but at the same time remember you are human.


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    I’m right there with you along with a whole host of others xx Don’t stay away from the forum xx

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    Emily sarah


    Taylor please don't be so hard on yourself, this is not a 'diet' that just lasts for a month or so, you are retraining yourself how to eat in a healthy way. It is not a straight road, it is a windy one where you learn a lot about yourself. This is a way of eating for life so in that context one day is pretty insignificant.

    Emily xx

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    Hi everyone, thank you so much! After a VERY early night I have woken up refreshed and prepared to tackle another day! I think yesterday was overtiredness and stress amongst other things! Today I feel bright and ready to go!!!

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    Good luck - I hope you have a better day today!

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    You go girl, one day at a time x

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    [QUOTE=hattie the cattie;132714]The stuff from Diet & health today:[/QUOTE]

    I am so glad that I have re-read this...!!! I'm feeling so fed up today. Nothing seems to be working...THD, intermittant fasting, alternate zero carbs, with dairy, without dairy, no chocolate, less than 20g carbs a day, My weight is up 5lb from last Thursday!!! I can honestly say I dont know where I'm going wrong.....maybe hormonal??? I hate feeling this way because everything else in my life gets a battering due to my mood....I'm tired of constantly tweeking my eating because I feel fine with all the foods I eat, no craving, bloating etc but whatever I do the scales are going up and up.....rant over !
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    Oh no that's no good. Maybe you really are at your natural weight as you seem to have had probs losing for ages. Feel for you as have lost 8 lbs in 2 weeks which is great but have gone up and down and started in July do overall 8 lbs in 6 months is rubbish. This diet is clearly about learning what works for you so I'm still figuring that out but don't know what to say except keep going and don't give up. You look and feel great which is the most important by far. Sorry no help whatsoever just wanted to know I'm thinking of you x

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    Could you be eating to little Harissa? Maybe your body is getting a bit confused and holding water for some reason? I do think the harder we work to lose weight the more our bodies fight us, the more relaxed in mind I am about my weight the more my body seems to co-operate (if that makes sense)

    Hope you get it sorted

    Nicola x

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    Yes, it makes complete sense Nicola.....I do need to relax!! Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed with all the info I read on the internet...I know in my heart I am eating really healthy food and in good sized portions (sometimes bigger than they should be !) I have noticed a few mornings I have had a slightly puffy face in some areas especially around my eyes and cheek bones.....I will continue doing what I'm doing and RELAx.....thanks ever so much for replying. I feel so bad that after 2 years I am still struggling mentally and physically.


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