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Thread: Carb-sane asylum

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    Default Carb-sane asylum

    Has anyone come across the woman who writes this blog? I think it's at

    Extremely scientific and utterly confusing! I havnt yet worked out what she is advocating. Seems to be slagging off a lot of the LC advocates, and insisting that calories enter the picture when maintaining ,as metabolic rates change..? But I'm not sure...
    Any ideas anyone?

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    I spent far too much of my life arguing with Evelyn (Carbsane) on Jimmy Moore's low carb forum.

    I'm afraid that although she has a good brain and scientific background she hasn't a good grip on what actually happens in real life.
    We can read all the research and do experiments in which we alter one or other factor BUT in the end it's what actually happens in our own individual body that actually matters to each individual.
    Although Evelyn was posting on a low carb website she was promoting a calorie-restrive way of eating which is bad form as being ultimately required. Although her own experience did not seem to show that she was able to manage either very successfully.

    She hasn't understood the role of gut flora in regulating individual response to diet. She thinks it's all about macronutrients and calories and I think micronutrient deficiencies, inflammatory status, gut flora, mitochondrial function are also implicated.

    If you were able to weigh your brain and your gut flora the gut flora would be heavier. The gut<>brain interaction isn't just for our benefit but may be regulated to by our gut flora for their benefit and our gut flora has the ability to adapt to the changes we make. Making changes to our diet, as Zoe suggest to eliminate Candida will also change our gut flora to a mix that is less likely to extract as many calories from our food.

    I don't think Carb-Sane has spent sufficient time studying the role of Brown Adipose Tissue in Thermogenesis and I don't think she understands how this can be exploited for weight loss purposes by improving melatonin production and ensuring a drop in ambient temperature through the night.

    She has had a terribly corrosive effect on the Low-carb, Paleo blogosphere and has done more harm than anyone to promoting good health and common sense. We have always to remember when reading any science paper, that animal studies MAY BE SPECIES SPECIFIC, and LABORATORY animals are not the same or as healthy as wild animals of the same species nor generally do they keep the same circadian rhythm. Similarly research experiments into weight loss have to be sustained for long enough for the body (and it's resident gut flora) to adapt to those changes. Only when you understand that changing 25(OH)D level, Omega 3 ratio, correcting magnesium deficiency, improving circadian rhythm, can all take months rather than days or weeks, can you understand why most modern nutritional research doesn't get anywhere near seeing what can actually happen in real life when people actually make those changes.

    If we are going to win the war on obesity we have not only to lose weight but we have to keep that lost weight off, and to do that we have to correct the underlying metabolic dysfunction, inflammatory status or micro-nutrient deficiencies that gave rise to the weight gain, caused the reluctance to exercise and maybe caused irreparable damage.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Carbsane wants us to keep repeating the mistakes of the past.

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    So CarbInsane then..
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    [QUOTE=Mat;138601]So CarbInsane then.. [/QUOTE]
    Well if given the choice of having to spend time in the company of Evelyn (Carbsane) or Peter Hyperlipid, I think Hyperlipid is far more intelligent and a far clearer thinking and has a better understanding of what actually works in practice. I think you have to spend time at Hyperlipid to understand how far from reality Carbsane (and a lot of research scientists) have strayed. Peter has a wicked sense of humour and you may have to spend a lot of time reading his site to understand the issues sufficiently well to detect the sarcasm he sometimes deploys to devastating effect. I've had more belly laughs reading Peter's posts than anywhere else in the nutrition blogosphere.

    Part of the trouble is that we can look so closely at what happens in molecular reactions that we tend to pay too much attention to these fine points of digestive metabolism without seeing the big picture.
    In our digestive systems it isn't the same as a slide in the science lab. The interactions aren't all clean and tidy as in the diagrams they produce. There is a whole spectrum of counterbalancing reactions occurring at the same time and over time the gut flora adapts to whatever happened initially. So in the long term we have to look at what happens to our particular body and what works for us is ultimately our answer.

    The calorie argument is typical in that Carbsane still doesn't get there is a difference between the calories consumed and calories absorbed.

    She doesn't understand how changing the nature of gut flora changes the amount of calories (and micronutrients) absorbed into the body nor does she understand how the gut flora has it's own metabolic calorie requirements, it costs energy/calories to increase the numbers, change the type of your gut microbiome and I don't think Carbsane has considered that at all.

    MInd you I haven't followed her since she left Jimmy's LowCarb forum so maybe she's changed but I doubt it.

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    I just had a look-in to see what carbsanety was all about...I've seen her on Jimmy Moore's site.
    She has a blog post discussing the comparison between Gillian McKeith and Nigella Lawson....all very mean and bitchy sounding...pardon my french-no other way to describe it. A rather nasty and unfair comparison-bad enough when the DM does it. But she and her readers were having a grand time....

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    I'm afraid I find it very difficult to suffer fools kindly.
    The fact is that there is so much bad science published that you can prove anything if you search hard enough in pubmed or other science databases.

    The amount of poor quality research grows year on year. (as does the number of students) most of this work will NEVER be cited by other academics but of course it provide fodder for people like carbsane who are fixated on proving that ONLY calorie reduction will ultimately cause weight loss.

    I agree with her that lower carbohydrate high fat diet do indeed cause calorie reduction but that is are the natural result of the diet and NOT an end in itself.

    Focussing eating natural nutrient dense foods is healthier than obsessing about calories.

    Far more people will be helped by understanding what Zoe and Gary Taubes explain that worrying about what Carbsane is chuntering on about. If I can lose weight and keep it off without calorie counting and without the ability to exercise and while drinking rather more red wine than is sensible then anyone should be able to better my performance.

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    Thanks Ted for confirming the gut feeling I had about her..(no pun intended) I think her site seems to be a self promoting bitchy rant..she had posted an exchange she had with Gary Taubes, and, regardless of the argument, was really quite offensive and patronising. Her photos seem to show someone who perhaps hasn't had that much success, although on itself her appearance shouldn't matter, BUT, she was bitching about other photos of G McKeith and Nigella.
    There is no clear sense of what she actually IS advocating, and her blog design is terrible!


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