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Thread: Can we have a deep and meaningful on Harcomne and HRT??

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    Well, I have been shocked by the number of reviews/comments on this...I was advised to take it due to pre existing medical conditions after having both Ovaries removed...I actually feel amazing on it and it must be helping with symptoms I had before the operation...I was actually showing Menopausal drops in Hormones with Blood tests before this....That's the really depressing thing about all this..I feel and look fab but the weight is taking the shine off it...And it's something I've never suffered with!! I've tried the ''you always look smart'' and ''just live with it for a few years'' etc but that hasn't helped...just wish someone could give a real in depth medical reason for it and why you can't seem to lose weight..Zoe's book and Dukan both seem to write off weight loss whilst on HRT ...

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    Lucky you! And yes, I have 2 friends who were exactly the same as you...never so much as a flush..they were aghast when they sat with me for 20 mins at the start of my real bad times with it...I've looked into it in great depth about how a lack of 1 hormone can affect so may other they say we are all individual!!

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    Well, I'm glad that I wsn't the only one buying and trying all these wierd things on the market...The only thing that the underwear magnet did for me was to stick me to the Asda trolley everytime I went shopping! I tried all the potions and some of the ''herbal' tablets I found out were quite dangerous.....So thanks for making me feel...NOT so odd and desperate!!

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    Default Where are you- THD team??

    I hope this is read by everyone who took the time and trouble to read/reply to my Quest for a debate on HRT..Thanks, it was good to read about all the different experiences that we all seem to have had....and yes, it makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only mad woman out there buying all sorts to try and get through it before accepting the HRT. It is an individual thing and I think that's the one big thing that came out of it...what suits one doesn't do for all..I now feel that I will stick to THD as much as I can and see what ''time'' does for me...perhaps it will take a bit of time to kick in-I don't know...The only disappointing thing I must mention (for me anyway) is considering the number of reads/reviews that this subject had,nobody from THD themselves actually came on to give a view on the diet and HRT.....

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    What an interesting "old" thread, with some original Harcombe members contributing who we don't see any more. I was reading up because yesterday I went to the hospital to discuss my MRI scan results in more detail & I've been recommended to have a full hysterectomy, the whole shebangle. I've got two large ovarian cysts, a fibroid and I'm riddled with endometriosis. The cysts have kindly adhered themselves to my bowel.
    Doing nothing isn't an option because of how I look ( 4 months pregnant) and my quality of life. The cysts could be removed but because of the size and location would be tricky. My gynae surgeon is having a pre op meeting with a bowel surgeon and an oncologist who both will be in the theatre to assist on the day.
    I've just turned 46 and so will be offered HRT. I hope that it turns out to be a magic elixir for me!

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    Jules I wish you all the best with your operation. There's some great opinions in this thread.
    One is too many a thousand not enough.


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