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Thread: Dabbling with phase 2

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    Default Dabbling with phase 2

    Hi all, I'm a newbie both to THD & this forum but just thought I would put in my tuppence worth.
    I'm a 52 year old guy who has tried a number of diets, including one that cost me 400 to join! But a few weeks ago I had 3 sessions with a hypnotherapist as I had heard of a hypnoband, which basically is under hypnosis you are told that you have had a gastric band fitted. Now my hypnotherapist didn't do this procedure, but instead talked about why I eat the way I did, and why I eat what I eat.
    It was he who put me on to THD, and I have lost 8lbs in 7 days.
    At my most heaviest I was 18st (January 2011) and through fumbling along I got down to 17st, but it then went up to 17st 10lbs, and sort of yoyo'd from there.
    When I started this diet I was 17st 6lbs, so my first goal was to get below 17st which I'm delighted I've done (16st 12lbs) my next goal is 16st 9lbs, which is the best weight I reached a year or two ago, then after that it's the dizzy heights ( or low) of 15st 11lbs which I achieved on the 400 diet when I was 48 yrs old, after that, well I would like to get down to about 14st, and then see how I look/feel.
    So, I started last Monday on phase1 (12/03/12) I have cut right back on alcohol, but I have a few on Saturday evenings as my treat, and I'm still losing!
    So now onto phase 2.
    I didn't realise until reading some stories on here that I could stay on phase 1 for longer than 1 week. So I'm more or less staying on phase 1, but introducing a few foods from phase 2 like cream, fruit, occasional whole meal bread & 90% chocolate
    I have to say this diet is superb, and I would recommend it to anyone.
    Before I go, just a couple of questions
    Which book do women use, I have the diet book for men, but can't see one for women.
    Secondly, on phase 2 can I make sweet potato chips (fries) deep fried in olive oil?
    Loving this diet, and hoping to look a bit more like a human being in my swimming shorts when my wife 2 kids & I fly off to Antigua at the end of April!

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    When you move on to Phase 2 don't rush and introduce loads of food in one go like you stated in your post, just introduce one new food every few days or even a week so you know if that food makes you put on weight or causes cravings.

    Sweet potato is high carb so I wouldn't deep fry it in olive oil, but with a little olive oil they could be roasted in the oven.

    There is a could thread on introducing phase 2 foods.

    Good luck

    (I tried to paste the phase 2 post for you but for some reason the option for me to do so is not on the go advanced)
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    Definitely read Kate's phase 2 sticky on the phase 2 forum thread! It is fantastic to find something that works and you are happy to do because you eat fabulous food and don't starve! The ladies (or men) can read Zoe's original book 'stop counting calories and start losing weight' there is a recipe book to accompany it as well. Sweet potato chips in the oven would be fine as a carb meal...
    Marie x on my way, size 12's here I come...

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    Ahoy and welcome aboard the good ship Harcombe!

    Your story really resonates with me as it is very similiar to mines, I was 18st in Nov 2011, 17st 10lbs when I started THD in Dec 2011 ... thats 2st 10lbs or 3st lost depending on which date you take?!

    You can kind of slip into phase 2 by introducing food gradually each week or you can jump in feet first ... you may stall ... you may even gain ... but through experimentation each week you will gradually learn which foods work for you.

    Great success so far long may it continue!!!!

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    Welcome to the Harcombe family.

    Sounds like you're doing great.

    I'd be very careful of introducing more than 1 new food a week - otherwise if your weight stalls you won't be able to work out which food is causing it or that you may be intolerant to.

    Also like many of us, beware of wheat products - especially bread. A lot of us have given up bread since becoming Harcombers and not missed it. If you get a chance to read 'Wheat Belly' by William Davis MD - it will change how you view the evil that is wheat!
    I have been wheat free for over a year now :-) My arthritis has disappeared along with bloating (I eat no pasta, rice, couscous etc) just lots of lovely meat, eggs, fish & veg & some hard cheese & berries.

    THD is a very individual diet in that you need to discover how your body responds to the food you give it.. THis will take time - it is a way of eating for life.

    You don't say where you're based Gazzad, maybe you could get to one of our regular THD meets, which we have around the country - there's nothing like meeting other members to boost your motivation.

    Meets coming up:

    Brighton 21st April
    Manchester 28th April
    Cambridge 12th May

    And definitely more later in the year - I'll be organising aanother in London too :-) If you can get to any of those mentioned above, find the post on the Greet & Meet thread & add your name :-)


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    Chocolate is best left until phase 3 really.

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    Nothing to add but Hi and welcome.

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    welcome and weel done so far!

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    hi and welcome from me too

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    Fantastic story so far and here's to you reaching your goals as soon as possible!


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