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Thread: Lard and dripping

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    Default Lard and dripping

    Can someone please tell me if I can use dripping, or lard (both from a supermarket-not home sourced) for frying bacon, eggs etc.
    Also I intend on having a stir fry tonight, but can I have home made burgers with it (THD burgers of course)
    By the way I am on week 3 of P1
    Also a good recipe on Lorraine this morning (it was on when I switched over channels.....honest) on grease proof paper drizzle oil, matchstick size carrots, one red chilli, side of salmon (skinned and deboned) young broccoli, another slab of salmon, drizzle of lemon juice, sliced lemon, cherry toms around the salmon tower, then roll up the paper and the sides (secure with paper clips or staplers) slam it in the oven for about 15 to 20 mins (depending how pink you like it) apparently this serves about 8 to10 people, but you can adjust with size of fish. I might give it a go with monk fish or cod, and a few herbs.

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    Indeed you can!

    If the stir-fry is a fat meal then the burgers will be fine!
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    Not only can you use lard and dripping, you definitely should cos its luuuuurvly!


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