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    I thought I was doing so well, I'm 4 weeks in, now on Phase 2, and have lost 9 lbs which is amazing but the most amazing thing for me was controlling and getting rid of my cravings. However after a stressful evening I have just sat down to a cup of tea and munched through 4 cadburys mini egg things. At the end of the day 4 mini eggs is nothing compared to what I could binge before, but its more about the fact that I thought I had my cravings under control..... Is it so easy for things to suddenly start to go wrong???

    I have been pretty strict with sticking to the diet, zero processed foods and sugars (apart from fruit - max 1 piece a day) and still off wheat. I have had the odd glass of wine and do eat a bit of 85% chocolate most days but since I was still losing weight I didn't worry about it.

    I had lunch out in a food court today and went for a chicken and vegetable kebab (on a stick) with a salad of coleslaw, beetroot and green beans. The kebab thing had quite a sweet bbq sauce on it so I'm thinking it must have had sugar. After eating it I felt bloated and then got a slight headache and fell into a bad mood! And as a result of the bad mood, I 'needed' the mini eggs tonight! Ah!! And now of course my head is aching even more!!!

    Does this mean I have to go back onto Phase 1 again to get things back under control?? Has anyone else had a similar experience?? Does it get less likely to have these 'relapses' over time? Any help and advise more than welcome. Thank you!!

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    If you feel that your cravings are under control then there's no need to go back to phase 1.
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    Hi Lagunagirl
    I would put it behind you and carry on. The reality is that we are all human and make mistakes...its what you do afterwards that counts. However, I would try and do without the choccy or wine for a while because they are both cheats and best avoided.

    Good luck on your continuing journey and do keep us up to date with your progress.

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    [QUOTE=Lagunagirl;160971]Has anyone else had a similar experience?? Does it get less likely to have these 'relapses' over time?[/QUOTE]

    Yes and yes.

    Substitution is the key. Initially when I caved to a craving I nibbled a couple of squares of Lindt 90% dark chocolate ... later as the cravings became more and more infrequent I switched to cheese ... nowadays I just rustle up a fat meal ... this week I had a massive cheese and mushroom omelette that stopped a craving dead in it's tracks!!!

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    When I have a bad moment I just think to myself this is a superb way of losing weight, and I know that if I have a lot of wine, or beer, or something that's got sugar in it, I just know that the remainder of the week will take care of it, and I will lose weight that week.
    This week is a prime example, my wife and I went to a friends for a dinner party where we had lamb cutlets, different veg, and mash, followed by homemade cheesecake, beer and rum and coke afterwards! Now this is the worst binge I've done since THD and I put on 4lbs, but I've just had my mid week weigh in, and I'm back to where I was on the eve of the party, so I hope to have lost another 3lbs by my end of week weigh in.
    After last week end it's also taught me to be more more coke EVER, less alcohol (obviously) and have a couple of mouthful's of mash (just to be polite)
    Lots of luck, it can be hard but it does get easier.

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    Thanks so much for all the support and comments. It's a HUGE help!!! I have been 'better' over the last few days, even though I was actually away from home which can be tricky sometimes. But the great thing about this way of eating is that even when eating in restaurants and staying in hotels it is still quite simple to stick to the rules!! Onwards and upwards I say!!!


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