I'll be coming off Phase 1 in a few days' time. I've had bad candida and for that reason decided to stretch out Phase 1 for a month. Now finally getting towards the end.

My problem is, I did well in the first two weeks but since then my weight loss has stalled, and some kind and helpful members of this forum have led me to suspect that my increasing reliance on NLY may be responsible. For the remainder of Phase 1, I'm therefore dropping diary and if that reactives the weight loss it will be obvious that I have a dairy intolerance. I haven't suspected so far that I had any problem with dairy but it seems a likely candidate.

My question is this: in gradually reintroducing foods in Phase 2 I was planning on starting with dairy but this now doesn't seem wise. Assuming it IS dairy which is causing the stall, could anybody recommend a good place to start with reintroducing food in Phase 2? I don't want to reintroduce wheat.

Any advice gratefully received.