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    Well our three week stay in Lanzarote is coming to an end..... BoooHoooo.... However my favourite shirt and shorts do fit easier.... I wish I had seen Ruthie's travel scales article before as I am always scared when I can't weigh in. However we have eaten some fabulous food. Today for example we started with bacon and egg, you can get the fab smoked streaky bacon here that you get in the New York deli's..... Super large fresh eggs and lovely mushrooms and tomats. We went to the fishing village of Orzola today for lunch with friends. We ate prawns in garlic olive oil for lunch before returning to the villa for home made tomato mozerella salad, tuna fish fresh from the sea and then berries with fresh cream...... A small glass of red wine..... At 2.20 a bottle rounded it off and today the Euro is worth 80p! Sue you are so lucky to live here!

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    Sounds lovely Johnnie, enjoyed hearing about your meals x

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    Yes Johnnie I am - it does me good to be reminded of that from time to time! I guess when you live and work in a place you get into a humdrum sort of routine so having visits from lovely folks like you and Trish and the other Harcombers who've been here, really helps me to see the island through different eyes and to appreciate it more - thank you!

    Glad you had a good holiday - Orzola and the north are lovely, so different and unspoilt. Let me know next time you're out here!


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