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Thread: Do we really want to change our obesity epidemic?

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    Default Do we really want to change our obesity epidemic?

    I am watching an HBO special (four part series) titled The Weight of the Nation. I HAD to share. The series is around the obesity epidemic in the United States and how we must do something to change the health of the nation. I thought, I have got to watch this. Such an important topic and what is going to be shared with the many watching the show looking for answers. What do I think of the show? Well, here was one point made in what people can do to ensure they are moving in the right direction for weight loss and health - "Keep count of your caloric intake." Yikes! Really? We are talking about a national and really a world wide SERIOUS issue and this is what they really want to STILL tell people? Who is benefiting from keeping people overweight and continuing to gain weight? The show talks about all the money that obesity is costing the united states as a nation but someone has got to be making more than what obesity is costing because the information being fed to the masses through this four part series is just so non factual and harming. This really scares me and makes me mad at the same time!! I saw one glimmer of hope when one person was saying she was told to cut out white flour and potatoes. but then well, Zoe will love this, lower your caloric intake AND exercise more!! OMG!! Do the powers that be really want people to get healthy? The almighty dollar at the expense of humans once again. How sad. There is so much information I have been able to find that really empowers me and has helped me know that I can improve my health without starving and running around a track 300 times. OK finally some good info. shared - the number one thing you can do is stop drinking the sugary drinks. Yeah! Good one! Oh, oh another , juice is just like soda. They are both just sugar. Maybe this show is turning around. No, I was wrong. Here is a quote on the companion website, "Most effective weight loss plans include changes to both diet and physical activity to achieve negative energy balance. Having an imbalance of 500 to 1,000 calories per day can lead to weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds per week." Again, OMG. And, "The recipe for success in losing weight is clear: eat less and move more." Ok, I am done. Done watching the show. I wanted to share because I finally feel I am becoming very well educated on how my body works and I am finally really eating well, living well and then I see shows like this. I just think how can this garbage still be out there shared as the current factual ways to lose weight and be healthy when facts state the absolute opposite. A strange world we live in. Take care of your health everyone and when you can share, share, share so that friends and family and then others can learn the truth. Ripple effects are huge! OK I really have to turn the show off now as they are cutting this guys stomach out as a healthy option!

    Check these out instead! Great documentaries / lectures!

    The Oiling of America -
    Enjoying saturated fats... -
    Big Fat Fiasco -

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    Cathy, I know. I watched some guy on Cspan who runs the US Health Department. His recommendations to get Americans back into shape: eat less, exercise more. How much we paying this guy? Then yesterday, I saw a brilliant doctor on the ills of fructose give four tips to making your child thin: cut out sugary drinks, wait twenty minutes before seconds, increase activity levels, reduce insulin by eating fiber. Huh? This are his four things? We are doomed.

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    Is that available to view in the UK? I tried to watch the trailer about a week ago...but it was not available here.

    I gather it goes the usual low cal,healthy grains...blah,blah,blah route.
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    I used to love my diet TV but they grate on me now. Sick of hearing eat cereal for breakfast with added vitamins and cut out bad fats while spreading processed spreads on butties and promoting pasta dishes with less meat.

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    Default HBO special - links

    Here is a link to the first two parts. I would assume that part 3 and 4 will be out tomorrow on Youtube as they air tonight on TV. Not really worth the watch though.

    Weight of the nation part 1

    Weight of the nation part 2

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    I just finished a beautiful steak with fresh chard and beat tops from my local farmers market drizzled in butter then finished off with a couple of squares of dark chocolate. I can't imagine the days of cereal and pasta anymore. This is just too good!

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    Eat less do more is ridiculously wrong. How come babies are now obese? Shall we get them on the treadmill??? Pathetic!
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    Well, babies maybe won't go on treadmill, but I saw adds on FB for kddies gym, which I thought is an aweful thing. Why can't kids just go out and play?

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    [QUOTE=Lizzi S;171177]Eat less do more is ridiculously wrong. How come babies are now obese? Shall we get them on the treadmill??? Pathetic![/QUOTE] Good point, well made.

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    It's the definition of madness to keep doing the same thing over and over again but expect different results?! Doh!
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