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    I have been on the diet now for a couple of months and I have ever so slowly dropped 16 pounds. Very happy! Over the past week I have been wanting to snack. One of the things I was happy with doing this change in diet was my need to snack went away. Mid afternoon was one of my most challenging and for the most part I over came this. I also loved how I could enjoy my dinner and not be thinking about what I would have after dinner - a sweet. Dinner has been more than satisfying. I have stuck to all fat meals with veggies. This past week I find I am finishing my dinner and wanting chocolate or yogurt. I have had either with dinners before but because I chose to and not because I wanted. I find lately I can't stop thinking about having a piece of chocolate or yogurt. Either satisfies but I cannot seem to move on from my meal without having it even hours later. I have also not lost this week, nor plateaued but for the first time through the last two months gone up 2 pounds. I am still eating the same kind of meals. If anything I ate a lot of veggies last week. Salad at dinner, salad for lunch..... And I have wanted to snack and break in the morning 10:30 am (not caved in), snack in the afternoon (might chew on a few pieces of coconut), and then again after dinner. I feel I am eating lots at meals - even feeling full. Any thoughts? Should I just have the chocolate or the yogurt or should I try and push through and not have it?? The chocolate is always 72% or higher and the yogurt is plain, high fat, active yogurt. Stumped.

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    I would personally re-do phase 1. That usually has the effect of killing the cravings.
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    Is that what we should do after this weekend?

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    I like to have a mid afternoon snack but that's because I have about 6-7 hours gap in between lunch and dinner. Snacking morning and after dinner as well is not good, sounds like a chance to have sweet stuff (ie the chocolate). You do need to stop the habit by stopping what you're snacking on. If you're actually hungry then have a cheat free fat snack (my "snack" is either a cappuccino or berries), but if you're not hungry and feel a snack feeling coming on have a coffee or something. If you can't cut it back, you may have to do Phase 1 as the Mini Evil Genius said!
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    riding - Only if your cravings have returned, otherwise just pick up where you left off with phase 2.

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    Thanks everyone! My husband is thinking that it may be an increase in stress at work right now and working a lot - at work and at home (gardening). You know kind of the idea of food can be comfort. Bad! I try to let it pass and then just have a couple of glasses of water. Is having the 72% or higher chocolate (couple of squares) or the plain yogurt (two big tablespoons) all that bad? I just did my week weigh-in and I am back down the two pounds. Overall, I feel great and people have commented on how good I look. I feel good too. I just don't want to go down a road with a dead end so to speak. I have just read about people who have enjoyed the yogurt after their meal. I guess I was just more concerned that I wanted it as apposed to choosing to have it. Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Chocolate can take you out of fat burning as it is a mixing food, but eating NLY is fine.
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    justine in zim


    I think the plain high fat yogurt shouldn't be a problem after fat meals (or in between) - though I guess the issue is with cravings and where they can lead! Are you usually okay with dairy? Otherwise maybe switch to the low fat (I know we normally love fat on THD but if you can't do dairy then the natural low fat yogurt may still be okay). Also could be worth tracking your meals and cycle to see if anything else could have been triggering the weight gain?

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    The yogurt is fine as long as it is natural unflavoured and live I have a feeling coconut flesh is a mix as well - will need to check when I get home from work unless someone else can update.

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    I think there are two schools of thought regarding having yogurt after your meal. For some people satisfying the urge to have something for "afters" is the signal of the start of a craving urge. For me, by "finishing" my meal STOPS any cravings developing. (I hope that makes sense). Only you will know which camp you fall into and will have to work with your decision.


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