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Thread: The Men Who Made Us Fat - BBC2 14 June

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    Default The Men Who Made Us Fat - BBC2 14 June

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wondered if anyone else is intending to watch the BBC 2 documentary tonight called "The Men Who Made Us Fat". It's billed as being all about the industrialisation of agriculture, resulting over use of corn syrup, the culpability of the food industry in the obesity epidemic and the failure of the 'low fat' concept. Should make for interesting viewing and I would be interested to see what anyone else makes of it! I've also just finished reading Gary Taubes "The Diet Delusion", which was excellent and wondered if anyone could recommend any further reading about the metabolic, biochemical and physiological effects of nutrition which would add to Gary Taubes book rather than repeat the same information as many books seem to. Many thanks and I'm glad I've now actually joined in rather than just reading all your threads avidly since registering and starting THD 3 weeks ago!

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    Hiya! Yes there's a few threads in Have A Natter currently running on it plus Zoe has put it on her Facebook & Twitter sites. It should be a good programme!
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    Hi Mosskie,

    There are threads on this here:!&highlight=dave

    and here:!

    Will definitely be watching tonight!

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    Welcome - yes we'll definitely be watching

    There's this thread as well !
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    Welcome Mosskie!

    Yes, I'll definitely be watching it. How's your three weeks been so far? Any problems ... or discoveries?!

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    Hi & welcome to the Harcombe family.

    You should read 'Wheat Belly ' by William Davis MD & 'Trick & Treat' by Barry Groves and ' The Great Cholesterol Con' by Malcolm Kendrick!

    There are a few more but that will take you a while.


    ps I almost forgot the most impportant of all The Obesity Epidemic by our very own Zoe Harcombe!

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Princesspentium - thank you for the book recommendations. I wanted to buy Trick or Treat but sadly its not available on Kindle and I was hoping to take it on holiday for some sun lounger reading next week! I am currently reading "The Art and Sciences of Low Carbohydrate Living" but the other books are on my list.

    Jessie - I'm doing ok so far. No further loss since 6.5 lb in phase 1 but I'm putting this down to my body adjusting to the new food it's eating, having come from the world of "healthy" low fat calorie counting, and the more research I do the more evangelical I'm becoming in my conversion. I'm only eating fat meals, no carbs as I particularly want to stay off wheat for a couple of months, out of interest rather than an intolerance.

    I've been doing lots of online research, particularly into the effect of protein on the kidneys as I have kidney disease. So far I've discovered that the latest research seems to show it's animal meat protein that causes issues, so as long as I don't overdo that I should be ok. Any views on this or pointers to research/articles would be most welcome.

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    I've just watched this program and I thought it was really good. It explained things clearly in laymans terms and went a long way in showing that the might of the food industry can squash what isnt in its interests. Lets hope the rest of the series is as good.

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    I agree. I was very impressed and actually quite excited that the message is actually getting out. The fact that it is being shown on the BBC lends a great deal of credibility to what is being broadcast. Sugar is to blame and not fat, that was made pretty clear. I would love to get my hands on a copy of that John Yudkin book, I bet it's a fascinating read.

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    Catching up on iPlayer later today


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