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Thread: Sharing my Story Thus Far

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    Default Sharing my Story Thus Far

    Hi Everyone,

    Hubby and I are now on our first day of Phase 2 after 6 days Phase 1. Thought I'd share our experience, neither of us were ever hungry and really enjoyed eating fresh organic veggies and bio-dynamic meat and eggs. Butternut Squash Curry was a godsend. I really had a sweet tooth and was surprised to find that I could easily resist the sweet treats (including fresh scones and sweet whipped cream and jam on Day 2 at a training session at work). I lost 5 lbs and he lost 8. We're both very happy with this and off to a great start. I think I'd like to loose 4-5 lbs more, and he's hoping for 13-15 lbs more. We'll see when we get there, as this is a lifestyle and not a "diet" we might find our natural weights are different than they were before we started eating this way.

    Funny story, on day three I thought I'd check out my weight. The digital scale starting scrolling through numbers like a time machine, and landed on 284 lbs. Unless Harcombe had done something unprecedented, that definitely wasn't my weight. I tried again, same thing, but the magic number was 301 lbs. Anyway, it wasn't until day 6 (and much teasing by my husband about my "healthy" cooking) that I was able to replace the scale and check that the diet had worked. Probably a good thing we couldn't scrutinize our weight daily anyway.

    For our first day of Phase 2 we added dairy. I made oopsie rolls for burgers with cheddar cheese and celeriac chips. What a great meal, we really feel we can stick with this long-term. Planning to try corn tomorrow night and wheat on Wednesday or Thursday.

    Hardest thing has been staying off alcohol and not going out for lunch and dinner; both are integral to our social life. We're going to reintroduce drinking (red wine or scotch) once a week, and I have a lunch meeting tomorrow and we're heading out for dinner with friends on Thursday. This will be a real test to see how well we can stay on the diet in a restaurant setting - we think we've got a game plan for the restaurants - Greek for lunch, Steakhouse for dinner.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Thai? One of my favourites is Pad Thai, but the noodles are made of white rice.

    Thanks for all your support when I was starting out last week.


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    Well done to you both on a great start x

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    Hi-and welcome to the forums.
    You both look to be off to a great start-well done!
    I will caution about re-introducing foods. It's best to go slowly,slowly. Wheat (and other grains) would be the last food I'd introduce,as it's likely to cause a slow-down in weight loss-amongst other things.
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    Thanks for sharing your story so far & well done on your great Phase 1. As GW says I would take it slowly in Phase 2, read the sticky at the top of the board.
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    +1 for the phase 2 slowly, I have seen too many dive right into it and undo all the good work phase 1 did and lose motivation as a result. Definitely go and read the sticky at the top of the Phase 2 Thread if you haven't already. As for Thai, stick to dishes that just have vegetables and/or meat in and ditch the rice/noodles.

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    Thanks for the tips. I'll hold off on corn til the end of the week, and wheat maybe next week or the week after. Lots of other stuff in the fridge anyway.

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    Great start!
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    Welcome to the forum and well done on your loss so far. I like Thai and ususally go for a Green Chicken curry which I have in a bowl like soup.

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    [QUOTE=Josie_uk;180177]Well done to you both on a great start x[/QUOTE]

    + 1

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    Thanks for the tip re: Green Chicken Curry. I love that too; and had forgotten about it!

    Still going well on phase 2 - neither of us have added wheat, corn or sweets back in - and we're not missing them. We are eating a lot of dairy and have occasional glasses of wine or scotch. I've lost 3 more lbs, my husband 5 more lbs. Weight loss feels much slower on Phase 2 - I'm already within a healthy weight but want to get to 20 BMI - about 6 more lbs to go. We're planning to go back onto Phase 1 for 5 days in July, and again in August to keep the progress and motivation up; while allowing leeway for some cheat meals while on Phase 2 here and there.

    Best moment of the diet so far, my husband said "Wow, all of a sudden you've become a good cook" - I think it's a combination of a license to use butter, meal planning and getting more practice - I'm actually enjoying cooking now!


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