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    I started this diet a week ago,having read the book thoroughly and been very impressed with the medical/scientific basis on which this diet is founded, and i have absolutely no doubt about its effectiveness. I've told several people i'm on the diet (i'm extending Phase 1) and a) am finding it hard to explain in a nutshell and b) am meeting quite a lot of scepticism about the principles of the diet, with people saying it's just another fad and that any diet that doesn't allow fruit or sugars (in Phase 1) is unhealthy. I've got to the point where i just can't be bothered to tell people now! Has anyone else experienced this and have any tips on either how it can be explained in a nutshell or how to convince with the sceptics?! Thanks. Sarah

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    YES & NO! Although it seems very simple and common sense to me, people always seem quite confused by the rules and perceive it to be very restrictive. I suppose it depends how resistant you are to going without processed food. All my Slimming World friends are horrified at being allowed no 'treats' or fruit. I tend to give up pretty quickly I'm afraid.

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    I say as long as you are happy with it, don't worry about it. I don't tell people I'm dieting, I just tell them I am trying to eat more healthy foods and stay away from crap. They should respect that!

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    Quite sad isn't it - that people have been so ingrained with such bad eating habits that they actually think not eating sugar is unhealthy! I don't bother these days - I just smile to myself knowing that I have lost weight and kept it off and improved my overall health too. Whilst they start a new diet on a weekly basis. If I feel any need to explain what or how I eat I just say I eat real food and no processed rubbish. If anyone tries to tell me that I need sugar I ask them what they think the human race ate before the onset of agriculture and modern food practices? I don't shy away from telling people I follow the Harcombe diet, but often I just say I eat a primal diet, ie how people ate before we had all this processed food. Hard for anyone to criticise that.

    When I first started THD I did feel annoyed when people didn't get it or criticised the way I ate but not any more. Now I just feel a little sad that they think processed food is normal and the way I eat is abnormal. But I also feel a little smug. I don't need anyone else's approval so I don't worry if they don't give it. Much as I'd like everyone to change their habits, people will only do that if/when they are ready so I'm less evangelical about it than I used to be.
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    The Earth is flat ... smoking is great for you ... and dare I mention WMD ... oops just did ... the success stories here speak volumes you could no better than point them at one of our most recent ones

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    I'm getting quite a lot of resistance at home from my DH & 2 DSs.
    Now I don't talk about it - I'm the one losing weight & looking better for it.
    But I have left a hard copy of '...No more Mr fat Guy' lying around in case they get curious.

    When other people start to notice & comment I will tell them about THD - but for now it's my happy 'secret'!

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    And that's really the best way to deal with it, you will be your own success story & then people will be interested !
    If anyone asks I just say it's about eating real food.
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    DH and I have been on THD since early December much o the shock and skepticism of our two DDs (both in their early 30s). They thought it was a faddy diet. We have shed 8lb each, even over Xmas, painlessly. They have both started WW, Jan 1st. What can I say....

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    I cover this is my book. Reflections of a Chronic Dieter. Really the book is a sort of handbook to Zoe's. it covers the non scientific side of problems that you come up against when eating this way.

    It's on Amazon kindle.

    I encourage people to just not get into discussions or arguments about it. They are eating a different way to you, but they think they are the ones who are right. Why do you have to feel that you are wrong and they are right because you are different.

    If anyone challenges me I just say that I have found a way of eating which makes me feel good. If they challenge that then just say I don't eat sugary refined or processed foods. They can't argue with that as there is more and more information coming out about the damage to the Nations health by these foods anyway.

    As for the scientific bit, just don't go there. Refer them to Zoe's book The Obesity Epidemic.

    In the end of course they,ll see the results with you then they will wonder if you have a point!

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    No-one can argue if you say you eat real food and avoid sugar. Don't worry, they'll all be very interested in how you did it when you've lost weight as I'm sure Howie can attest too!
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