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Thread: 'Wagon' issues. . .

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    Default 'Wagon' issues. . .

    I just can't get back on the Harcombe wagon. Fell off it over Xmas, despite my best efforts. And since then best I've managed is two days on Phase 1 before the cravings literally take over. . . suggestions? Perhaps just knowing that you'll all be watching will do the trick.
    I've lost a lot of weight during the past 12 months and it's been easy to change the way I eat. I've found it thoroughly exhilarating. So what's going on? I can feel weight creeping back on and it's making me miserable, making me panic and may be part of the 'eating junk' problem. . . help (little desperate drowing voice. . . )

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    Plan Plan Plan!

    Plan your entire 5 days menus and stick to them! Forego any social engagements if they are what is causing the problems!

    You can do it!
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    What's happening? The conditions have go a hold again, thats what is happening! +1 for what may said, make a plan, set the date, and just do it! Use the forum for support - come along to the 'Time to be strict' thread for support and motivation!

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    + 1 for the above, once you can get past Day 3 or so the rest is easy so set aside 5 days, plan your menus & you'll be fine.

    If you're really struggling to get back on Phase 1, have a few Phase 2 days and ease yourself back into it.
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    I always find the third day the hardest for some reason and now I just snack my way through it with Harcombe friendly snacks such as cold slices of meat, chicken drumsticks, boiled eggs and NLY, I know snacking isn't encouraged but it really helps me for a couple of days to get my cravings under control and then I can carry on as normal. Also plan your meals and then you are never caught out not knowing what to have as that is when I usually eat something that I shouldn't. Good luck.

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    If Phase 1 snacks will help you stay on the wagon - Embrace them!!
    The worst bigots in the world are those who most loudly proclaim their ‘tolerance’

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    I just did a 5 day of one and day 3 was just awful. But I survived
    As I am going to college 4 nights a week, I did all my meals on Sunday and it was a very good thing to do. There was no need even to think about food, so there were no ideas about rubbish food creeping in and quite easy to stick to the plan.
    Also, don't wait for too long to get back on the wagon, because it might become a very long wait (it was nearly 1.5 years for me ). Read the books again, they always help and inspire. I am about to finish the new Why do you overeat?..... It is amazing book and offers a lot of encouragement.

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    Just the kick up the arse that was needed. . . thank you all!
    Planning underway - made soup this morning and it's steak for dinner this eve - and feeling a lot more positive already today. Five days is nowt, is it. And yes, I'll re read my books.
    I knew it would help to hear people say what, deep down, I knew already. The cravings will soon be under control again and Phase 2 will once again be the breeze that it always was.
    Thanks again!

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    [QUOTE=Mat;227771]Plan Plan Plan![/QUOTE]

    +1 getting organised is a great way to beat wagon issues

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    Hi RachW

    Have a look at Wooly's idea with a calendar to marke each good day with an X to create a chain,

    and check the thread Time to be strict 2013 which is a very positive thread and quite a few of us there using the calendar idea.

    Good luck and remember Don't break the Chain - it's remarkable how the mind works!


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