Hi all - trying some new technology here, so I hope this works.

Below should appear a chart from a 2007 obesity journal. Franz et al did what is called a systematic review of 80 studies of 8 different types of diet - you can see the 8 different options on the chart - from black (advice alone - makes no difference whatsoever) to light blue (lighter life kind of liquid diet - big loss and big rapid regain). I wrote a full article on this in Issue 2 of Diet & Health today and please note the caution for the one that looks like it might work - Sibutramine (a drug). This was withdrawn earlier this year due to the number of heart deaths being seen in people taking the drug. The final data point was also based on only one study and this was showing a rise for that study (the 6 and 12 month data points were based on about 7 studies overall - so the 18 mth point is a rogue number and is not useful). The drug trials done on Sibutramine generally were little different to the placebo.

The overall conclusion of the study was that the people who managed to stay on their programme (a third didn't) - were on average 3-6 kg down after 4 years. i.e. less than a stone down at 4 years. That's the complete evidence for eat less/do more dieting! Incredible - why is that not on the front page of every newspaper?!

I have done some analysis in the forthcoming book on low carb diets and their performance with weight loss is hugely better, but weight loss is still not easy - boy don't we all know that! If we were told honestly how difficult this would be - I wonder how many of us would go a bit wild on a holiday or during a pregnancy etc and think it would be easy to lose afterwards. This is the toughest thing we will ever battle - but it can be done! Not with calorie deprivation however

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