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    My question is....How long should i stay on phase 1. I have done my 5 days and have felt alot better but i still get cravings. Yesterday was my first phase 2 day so i wanted to try toast for breakfast so i did. As soon as i ate it i regretted it and wished i had my normal bacon and egss. From then on i felt iratated and spikey. I had an apple mid morning then bacon and eggs for lunch. I had already decided by this point that it had upset my system and wanted to get back onto my phase 1 foods to level me out again so ihad some salad in the afternoon and meat and veg for t but we had gravy. That night i had unbearable cravings for salt n vinegar crisps. I managed to resist, just.I was also bloated all evening.
    Today i woke up feeling better but not that great and i have phase 1ed it all day but this afternoon we watched celebrity cook and i had massive cake urges. I have resisted.
    What im getting at is that something upset the apple cart and i wondered if any of you the experts could pick it out quite obviously. Im getting back on track. Just these damn cravings. What does it mean? Thanks peeps

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    Im no expert but the bread would be the thing that sticks out for upsetting the apple cart - its a carb which is basically a sugar to your body - hence the cravings.
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    it was the better wholemeal version without the honey etc.. but i think it fired up something

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    +1 for the above advise. A lot of people avoid wheat for as long as possible as it can be a common intollerance.

    I also think the sugar in the apple may have kicked off your cravings as well. Most people introduce low sugar fruits like berries to start with.

    You can do phase 1 for as long as you like as long as your not mixing.

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    Just wanted to ask, did you have anything on your toast? Or just dry toast? Why was the gravy so bad? What was in it? I still have gravy made from meat juices and use cornflour to thicken if I want.

    As you have just finished p1, this is exactly the moment that you are trying to pinpoint whether you have any intolerances atall. If you think that wheat in the morning derailed you, that's 'good' (in a way) as you may have found that wheat is your bad guy. If you are thinking that the gravy had flour in it and that really sent your cravings into overdrive then, maybe it's a confirmation of what you felt earlier.

    If you think you're still in a state of craving, carry on with a non mixing p1, which is basically p2 with no wheat or dairy or mushrooms or pots for as long as you think you need to and then embrace the love in p2 .

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    I had marmite on my toast and the gravy was just a bisto gravy granual one - i personally think the toast kicked things off cos i went from doing things in a calm way to trying to rush to do things - this is something that has changed for me in phase 1 Im not mixing either as i havent had any other carbs infact im not sure i want any i - is that dangerous or fine? Thx

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    [QUOTE=Shakeyhippo;236044]......... just a bisto gravy granual one .........[/QUOTE]
    Ingredients! =

    Potato Starch, Maltodextrin, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Dried Onion (6%), Flavourings (contains Barley), Wheat Flour, Colour (E150c bakers caramel made from sugar), Sugar, Flavour Enhancer (E261-Potassium salt of acetic acid found in most fruits , E635 Disodium 5'-ribonucleotides. Maltol and ethyl ), Emulsifier (E322-partially hydrolysed lecithin which contains Soya), Spice & Herb Extracts.

    Does that convince you to ditch it and use the juices from your roast meat with a bit of cornflour if you want a thickener.

    Marmite also contains yeast which is not good at this stage if you suffer from candida.

    As for no carbs - Do you mean the likes of potato/rice/wheat/oats etc? - that's fine. Many of us say we dont do carbs but of course there are some carbs in all the veg/salad we consume anyway.

    Good luck! If you feel you can stay with P1 it is fine to do so.

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    seems like good advice to ditch it - our gravy jar doesnt list sugar though? We dont have the juices from the meat so i dont know how to create something like gravy?
    Ive started this diet for hypoglycemia but im thinking i prob got this candida. Im confused with carbs now. Whats good and whats bad? Potato is quite high on the gi level. I thought that carbs needed insulin so therefore they wernt so good for hypos

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    I don't really understand why you introduced bread if you have a problem with hypoglycaemia ? I would stay away from wheat & fruit for a while longer.
    It might be worth re-reading the hypoglycaemia section in the book.
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    because i thought brown wholemeal was ok - whats the difference between that and potato or oats?


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