My meals are going to be a bit boring this week as will probably have the same dinner for the next few days but as it is something I love I have no problem with it.

I work 3 12 to 13 hour days tuesday, wednesday and thursday so need to pretty much take all 3 meals with me, next weekend I will cook a few different harcombe friendly meals and freeze them so there is a bit more variety.

Cooking a jalfrezi in a minute and that will probably be dinner for the next few days, hubby always eats home made frozen ready meals on my long days but there is nothing in the freezer that is both harcombe friendly and I like LOL (lots of beef dishes and i only like beef if it is minced)

So tomorrows menu is mostly all packed and ready to go

B oats and yog
L eggs, mayo, crudite
D Jalfrezi over grated courgettes
full fat nly