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    Hi everyone, day 3 under my belt, had bacon egg and Tom for breakfast, salad and mackeral for lunch, and 2 pork strips with veg stir fry for tea, and I have still got headache, but that seems to be all, so maybe it will get worse but I will wait and see. Also getting chocolate cravings, but am enjoying the NLY.

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    Glad to hear its going relatively well, hopefully headaches will begin to subside now; mine did after day 3 and it is so worth sticking out the 5 days! Don't give in to those choc cravings now, you're over half way there.

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    Hang on in it - the headaches are just your body's rsponse to getting rid of the nasties.

    Have plenty of meaty snacks , hb eggs etc for when you're craving - no need to go hungry on this plan.



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