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Thread: Phase 1 day 4 and question for the experts

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    Default Phase 1 day 4 and question for the experts

    On day 4 today and after a day of feeling tired and hungry yesterday feel much better today . I have done phase 1 several times but have then got led astray and let the sugar back in . It has been suggested I do an extended phase 1 which I am happy to do but just have a query.

    On June 19th I am going to be in Portugal for work, I will have very little control over my food but as it is a five star restaurant I assume there will be plenty of fat meals available.

    My question is would I be better starting to introduce a few more foods over the next month to broaden my choices for dining out or am I better sticking to phase 1 for 3 to 4 weeks as originally planned and make the best choices I can in Portugal and then back to phase 1 and properly introduce foods when I get back :-)


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    Personally I would do the extended phase 1 to really get ahead and get on top of the conditions. that way, when you do get to portugal it should be much easier to make sensible choices. If sugar keeps creeping back in now, you really need to get on top of that before you introduce anything else. Stick with it as long as you can, and even if you need to have the odd p2/3 day while you are away, hopefully you will be far enough ahead to keep good control.

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    That sounds like sensible advice :-)

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    If you're doing an extended phase 1 dont forget to drop the mixing element.

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    Thanks for the reminder but have never mixed on phase 1 :-) That bit I find easy

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    I agree with the above. Extended phase 1 to really kick the sugar monster into touch!


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