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Thread: The Blitz - Day 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by princesspentium View Post
    Morning all. Glad we've started today although I'm far from my usual bouncy self.

    Still recovering from the gallbladder op its taking a while to get back to normal. Should have gone back to work today but just not feeling fit enough or ready for the stresses of it.

    Weighed & measured this morning - weight wasn't as bad as I'd thought but measurements were scary! Had NLY for breakfast as I couldnt face eggs & bacon which I'd planned. Haven't really got my appetite back yet & that's one of the reasons I know I'm not fit yet.

    No it sure how I'm going to fit in walking. Was going to walk to doctors surgery today but they've cancelled my appointment as go has had a bereavement. Going to have a telephone consultation later. Can probably walk to post office but its not far. Will just have to do what I can.

    At least cutting out chocolate and alcohol this month has good to be a good thing for me - have been having too many treats whilst feeling poorly, to cheer myself up.

    Won't be able to weigh at end if month as we are on holiday from 30July to 6 Aug so may weigh either on morning of 30th or when we get back.

    Good luck everyone we're all in this together.

    Sorry it's taking you longer than expected to feel right - I thought it would be much quicker for you as you didn't have the huge incision to deal with! It's still quite major surgery, though, and you have to allow yourself time. Also, I was only 27 or 28 when I had mine removed and you definitely bounce back quicker when you are younger!!

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    Take it easy Ruthie - jut try to do a little more than you did yesterday. No point in setting back full recovery (although if that meant no more school................) xx

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    Yes, I have lost 4 st since I started THD but I have a lot of weight to loose - I started at 20st 10lbs and want to get down to around 12 stone if possible but as I have not been anywhere near normal weight since about the age of 11 I am not sure what normal will be! I have found this way of eating really suits me as I was such a carbohydrate junkie before and it was hard to cut down on these but now I have very little carbs in my diet. I really feel full eating this way and have got into a good habit of only eating three times a day. I will also try and include more walking during this month but I had major spinal surgery last year so am still limited in how far I can walk - I may try to do some smaller walks during the day - I catch the bus to work and have a five minute walk either end but I may try and walk to the next bus stop in the morning and evening and perhaps get a short walk in at lunch times. I really enjoy reading everyone's comments - you have really helped me over the last few months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoe View Post
    ... doing a big talk (90 mins!) at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition...
    Is this going to be available on youtube etc?
    I find your talks inspirational thank you!

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    Day1- Fab fab fab!!!!

    I'm down 2 stone from start weight of 15 stone on 16th April - feeling great!!!!!.................but getting slack and am in danger of losing track so 30 day focus is great!!! Lets have a great 30 days everyone and greet August feeling on top of the world!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Parkin View Post
    My only vice has been swapping real ale for red wine, but it only struck me this morning that I might have developed a craving for it. I've only been having one glass a day but I've had one pretty much every day since I started, so that goes for July.

    I really want to prove to the rest of my family (wife and three daughters) that this is sound advice and really works and is not just some weird fad diet that dad is currently on. My 11 year old in particular is overweight and getting bullied because of it. She goes to secondary school in September so I am really keen to do what I can to help her. It's only by doing this that I have become aware of just how many carbs she eats on a daily basis, and how difficult it is to break the mindset that this can form part of a healthy diet.

    I've lost 18lbs so far and would like to lose another 6 at least to get down to 17st by the end of July. As secondary goals I am hoping to lower my blood pressure, which is on the high side, and improve my asthma symptoms, that are normally minimal in the summer but are currently flaring up a bit.
    Well I too have a family and I am known as Mr Grumpy, always shouting out Poison when one of them eats goodies (Baddies).. Also watch as they plough through wheat and other carbs and think I am the one who's stupid. So the 30dayblitz arrived and it was an opportunity I could not miss. It seems they are all trying to support me, although I have to dodge the cupboards full of CRAP. I managed a good start this morning and did a 30 Min brisk (for me) walk followed by a 3egg, 3bacon and 3Onion Omlette. I have been meaning to go walking in the morning for years .. literally.. WELL today I did it.. Well done Tim on your weight loss thus far and here's to ditching that wine... Oh I am gonna miss that. Need to take my mind off it... Cheers Andrew

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    Morning everyone. I started my day with a nice big bowl of porridge with low fat NLY. I followed that with a BLACK decaf coffee which wasn't half as bad as I'd anticipated - I would normally add lots of milk or stick to water when on THD. Lunch and dinner, today, will both be salads of some sort. I have a meeting this afternoon to discuss the catering for an event we are having in the village - not really ideal on the first day of the Blitz, talking about food for an hour or more! Good luck everyone.

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    Andrew, you are the least grumpy person I know! Nevermind what your family eat - they have the knowledge and it's up to you to prove that it works as long as you stick to the rules. We have 12 weeks till the conference and we all want to look our best when there.

    How was the Grand Prix? A lot of tyre blow-outs!

    I will go into town at the weekend and see if I can find a lightweight but sturdy backpack. Are there feminine ones on the market?

    I made egg muffins for the first time yesterday for my lunch today. I used courgette, onion and cherry tomatoes. Looking forward to eating them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priscilla View Post
    Andrew, you are the least grumpy person I know! Nevermind what your family eat - they have the knowledge and it's up to you to prove that it works as long as you stick to the rules. We have 12 weeks till the conference and we all want to look our best when there.

    How was the Grand Prix? A lot of tyre blow-outs!
    (I hit enter but line doesn't drop down so get an endless box of text - ne mind) GP was excellent my view was just breath taking I feel very blessed to have had those seats. As for grumpy well maybe I have been to busy not practicing what I preach, hence the Grumpy Old Git label for the old children. And yes it would be good to have lost a bit of weight for the conference - wouldn't feel such a fraud then I still cant get over the walk this morning, I have been planning to do it for sooooooooooooo long. And now I have done it. I just got out of bed and did it no thinking, normally I give myself a few min's and then a few more get attracted to my technology (Laptop / Smart Phone etc.) and that's it no time for walking. Well 30 more days to get the habit perfected.. I hope to carry it as long as I have health to do so. Now there's a target.

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    Love the idea of a daily thread, Priscilla, thanks!

    The last couple of months I didn't just fall off the wagon, I chopped it up for firewood & baked pizza on it So my goal this month is simply to get back to a routine of THD friendly foods. I've found my problem, and while I certainly believe I have issues with candida & intolerances, I know that my trigger is convenience. If I have THD-friendly food available, I eat it. If I don't, I go to Tesco and pick up chocolate, pork pies, crisps, ice cream etc. The worst of it is that it's a cycle - I get busy & don't I buy & eat crap...which means I sleep like crap....and get up late so don't cook...leading to eating more crap...and feeling even less cooking...but more eating crap...then my thyroid gets out of whack & my brain is I can't deal with getting back on track... Vicious, nasty circle.

    But, to avoid all the negative thoughts - there are some things I've achieved and not reverted back to in the bad times: I haven't had alcohol since March, and I've completely switched my hot drinks to decaf latte w/o sugar. So not all doom & gloom.

    The Blitz:
    My aim is to not cheat all month - i.e. eat real food
    My goal is to lose >10lbs. I think the first 6-7 will come off quite quickly as I really have been eating like crap
    My target is to be at a healthy BMI by the time I leave the UK. That's a moveable date so it might not be possible but it's ~20lbs by ~end August

    And Day 1:
    Didn't start well as I didn't sleep well (see above) so I got up groggy & late and missed breakfast. Thought I could get some at work in our all-day meeting but all they had was fruit & croissant
    Got a large decaf latte instead - I'm allowing myself that dairy but no cheese for the first week
    Lunch was chilli beef - my shopping wasn't as good as I thought so no peppers, but it's beef mince, onions, green beans, tomato paste & jalepenos, with chilli power for heat/spice. And I feel really full Cooked enough overnight for 5 days (phew)
    Tonight I have my personal training session so I have oat cakes with hummus for before that. I haven't had hummus on THD before but it is in the plan so I'm going to have it this week as I get back on track & de-fuzz my brain, then get more creative & stricter as the month goes on. Seems backward but I'm so befuddled at the moment...

    Exercise-wise, the daily email comes a little late as I plan my day the night before, so I intend to be a day out on that (hopefully that's OK) so training + walking 25 mins home tonight, then an hour walking tomorrow (to/from work plus a bit extra) as per today's email

    Got no buddy in real life so I'm hoping the daily thread will be my buddy/conscience!


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