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Thread: Thinking of trying THD

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    Default Thinking of trying THD

    I know that in phase 1 milk and proper caffeinated tea are officially off limits, but this is something that I am worried that I may find sooooo hard. I don't drink a lot of tea - probably 3 cups per day with sweetners and semi-skimmed, but it' s particularly the 5.30 a.m. Cuppa that I would struggle to not have. I have Fybromialgia and struggle to get out of bed first thing in the morning as it is. My cuppa really does help.

    Sorry, I probably sound really weak-willed.

    Could anyone offer advice?

    Many thanks. Xxx

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    HI, I'm pretty sure Zoe has a full caf coffee in the mornings, sure someone will correct me here if not, but prob not in the first 5 days of phase 1.....It's just a little sacrifice for 5 days..maybe make the first 2 non working days and see how it goes?


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    Agree with that. Phase 1 just needs careful planning and after this is over you can plan to have your cuppa providing it is not interfering with an y weight loss you may want. Just dont let any of this worry you, we all have our little idiosycrasies with THD and adjust what we do suit what we need.

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    Somewhere in the book Zoe says that if we really must have a coffee in the morning then to have it - don't let one small thing put you off doing THD completely. After a while of eating better you may feel so great that you can give up your early morning shot of caffeine!

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    I have a "real" coffee first thing every morning, too... After that I cope well with decaf. Doesn't seem to do me any harm.

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    Hi Jo - You've found a great place for support and information which will help you with your weight loss and health gain goals! I agree with everything said so far. I would add that perhaps you could make a deal with yourself and ditch the sweetener and milk and drink the tea black or with lemon. If it's the caffeine that you want, then it's the caffeine you'll get without the other stuff which needs to be eliminated for 5 days anyway. If your sweetener is artificial, that should be the first thing to go. THD is all about real, whole foods the way nature made them. Best of luck to you!
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    Hi Jo - my hubby struggled with the concept of his early morning cuppa - the only one he has - without milk and sweetener. He tried the tea with a slice of lemon, and didn't like it, but he's perservered, and when I pointed out to him the other day that he may want to reintroduce his milk at least he looked at me like I'd sworn at him, and said he was used to it now. (But he should watch his teeth, as lemon can be detrimental to the dental)

    Good luck, and hoping you can get through the first 5 days without too much difficulty.


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