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Thread: The Blitz - Day 7

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    Default The Blitz - Day 7

    Good morning. Here we are at day 7 and despite the fact that I ended up having a far from perfect day, I feel really great and keen to carry on.

    The summer heat wave has also hit Belgium so for the first time in a long time, shorts were worn, sandals on feet and it was HOT! This of course can easily cause water retention, so for those weighing regularly don't despair. I know we were told not to weigh for 30 days but for me it helps me rather than hinders me.

    I can only have 5/10 for yesterday. As mentioned I had a meal out with an unknown set menu which started with calamares (squid) but they were in batter, then came a nice steak with salad, but I couldn't just let the ice cream for dessert melt in front of my eyes. It was hot and I absolutely love ice cream. That in itself wouldn't have been so bad had it not been for the sweet sauce on it and the sweet whipped cream.

    After lunch I had my long walk in the hot sun into town. I bought myself a backpack, put my shopping in it and wore it home. I might need help in adjusting the straps properly as I still feel it pulled on my shoulders. There are also waist and bust height straps.

    Today means another busy day, starting with taking things down to the container park and a first time appointment with a Swedish massage therapist I just found in Gent to try and help unknot my shoulders. According to today's email from Zoe, we should have a big Sunday roast today. Sorry, not in this heat but I will slow cook a chicken to eat during the week. Lunch will be cold cuts in our house with salad. I probably plan to walk down to our major recreational park after lunch for my walk where they have a beach (I don't live by the sea). But they have a lake and sand and it does the trick.

    If you have time and want to see one of my favourite flash mob videos on you tube search for Flash Mob Antwerp Station. I so wish I had been there to see it live.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    A clearer YouTube video of Oprahs show is this one
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    Hi, it's me posting again at 1:20am (USA eastern daylight savings time). I should be in bed and was about to go upstairs when I saw Priscilla's Day 7 post so I thought I'd write about my Day 6 now rather that wait until daylight. I went to a second "July 4th" party/combination double birthday party/combination pool party and it started at 1pm and I finally left around 9pm. There was all sorts of food as everyone brought something and there was a birthday cake and lots of booze. I was AMAZED at how easy it was for me to resist all the things that would normally push me off the wagon. I felt that I had a good solid 5 days of close-enough Phase 1 eating and the only things that appealed to me were the real foods! I was tempted to eat things like watermelon and pineapple and cherries but the bread, potato chips, corn chips, wine, beer, birthday cake, hummus, guacamole and cheese didn't speak to me. I ate a large plate of the salad I brought with several slices of prepackaged meats (roast beef, turkey breast and ham) and used Ex-V Olive Oil and seasoned it with sea salt. A bit later I had some lovely large strawberries, plain. A bit later I allowed myself to eat 10 cherries. THAT was a mistake because they made me feel bloated. But the feeling passed after about an hour. I swam laps for 20 mins in the pool while others played "Beer Pong" (a beer-drinking pool game) and got "happier" and sillier. I drank plain water and enjoyed it. I can't believe I'm writing this because so many times I've fallen off the wagon at parties like this. I didn't have the opportunity to play the ball catching game or the grid exercise but I plan to try the latter tomorrow. I have to give myself a 10 for all the things I could have eaten but didn't!
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    Wow, day 7 already!

    Trying not to feel dispirited over the weight gain - yes, I know the heat is probably causing it, and my flat is like a sauna since even with the windows open I get very little air...but...ack! Also wondering if it's the tuna/egg mayo I've had 2 days running. Both evenings I felt a bit stuffed afterwards, and I haven't had tuna in ages, years I think rather than months. So I'm going to go a week without it and see if the weight goes then try it again later.

    Otherwise I did OK yesterday. I did have tortilla chips for lunch, but they were just corn & salt rather then doritos-style flavoured crap so I'll drop a point for processed and move on. Usual problem of not being very prepared for the less structured weekend...and at least I didn't raid the vending machine which is what I'd usually have done!

    Today I'm out & about on a photography course so I'll be walking 45 mins to the meeting point and then around as we find things to photograph...and hopefully 45 mins back, depending on how my back feels after all that.

    The thought of cooking a roast in the oven in this heat makes me want to cry - my kitchen is always hot so I'll be sweating just making the red cabbage I've planned for next week. The slow cooker is my friend at the moment as it gives off so much less heat. But again, like Priscilla, I'm roasting a chicken all day so I'll fudge & have some of that tonight with creamed spinach (trying an interesting slow cooker recipe for that as well).

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    Better that I expected at the end of week 1. I've decided to weigh weekly despite the risk of demotivation if there is no loss, or even a gain. However, 4.5lbs lost since starting the blitz, which I am really pleased about.

    I'd been following the Harcombe principles but not strictly the diet for about six weeks before I started the blitz, losing a lot of weight in the first two weeks and then slowing right down. When I started the blitz I cut out a few things (e.g. Milk) but also started doing more activity, mainly early morning walks before breakfast. This seems to have made the difference. I've started reading Instinctive Fitness by Oliver Selway, and am sold on the natural movement philosophy as and alternative to traditional fitness ideas.

    I'm going to try and keep up the early morning walks indefinitely, and try and be a lot more active, as I think this along with real food is the key.

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    Good day yesterday but feeling very down, tearful and blue at the moment.

    Trying on my summer clothes this morning & NOTHING fits. If I can get into anything it's tight, looks awful & makes me feel the same!
    I don't know what I'm going to wear for work this week. Have been living in sweat pants or kaftans at home for the last 3 weeks.

    Will just have to go out this afternoon and try to find some cheap summer clothes in a larger size

    Have been on/off a diet for the last 40 years and I'm heavier now than when I started THD in March 2011! Just seems like a vicious circle losing & gaining & losing again.

    Sorry for the self pity - just needed to get it off my chest.

    Coupled with all that we had planned a long walk this morning, by the canal - at least 5k,. We were going to go early about 8ish before it got too hot, but my BIL rang and wanted my OH to go to his mum & dad's to help move their double bed down to the dining room. MY FIL is 94 and very frail he can no longer manage the stairs. They have had some advice about a stair life but their stairs are too narrow and TBH I don't think FIL would be able to manage a stair lift either.

    Coupled with OH disappearing to his mum's at 9am and the walk being cancelled, my brother & his partner are dropping in at 11am to see us. They live in Gloucestershire and we haven't seen them for a year or more. (They came up to see The Stones in Hyde Park last night)
    Now they won't be able to see my OH which is a shame.

    Just one of those day I guess & I know I'm fretting about going back to work tomorrow - I've been off for 3 weeks and although its only 2 weeks till I finish (& retire) I'll still be expected to teach and I have to catch up with all the my students progress before I can plan anything so will have to get in at 7:30am tomorrow!


    Have a good day everyone.


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    I unintentionally anticipated this morning's email by putting a free range chicken in the slow cooker overnight last night. Twelve hours later the meat fell off the bones and I now have a pile of lovely juicy chicken to use today and into next week. I will be making a stir fry later (too use up a load of beansprouts and spinach I bought for salads). It is way too hot for a roast dinner but this weather wasn't anticipated when Zoe and Andy wrote the Blitz programme

    We are going into Exeter to watch dragon boat racing later - we will walk along the river but I anticipate time spent sitting outside a cafe and maybe later a pub

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    Hi Ruthie Sorry to read that you're feeling so blue at the moment. Going back to work after an operation is hard and knowing that you have such a lot to catch up with must be daunting. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though when you get to leave work behind - yeah! Hope you manage a walk later when OH gets back. Have a nice day. X

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    Ruthie - I feel for you... I've also been dieting for at least 40 years, and am heavier now than 10 years ago... At least I'm not at my heaviest ever. But I know if I stick to the guns I will lose weight again - it's just periods of depression that set off the carb cravings and weight gain (plus heartburn and sickness...). I find this "blitz" very helpful - even if I don't do exactly what's on the daily to-do list, I have daily encouragement, and that helps. My wardrobe is full of clothes that don't fit - but I will wear them again in future! "Fortunately" I'm out of work at the moment, so it doesn't matter what I wear!

    Feeling quite virtuous at the moment as I've just made jam and managed not to scrape out the delicious stuff leftover in the pan! I only make jam for friends now, there are several that love my rhubarb and ginger... Handy presents for birthdays etc.

    Just been reading on the BBC about dementia increasing - and am now wondering how much that has to do with diet. Anybody seen anything about dietary fat and dementia/Alzheimers? After all, the brain is mainly fat, so it would seem logical that if you follow the general advice of reducing fat, you can't be doing your brain much of a favour... Mmmh. Must do more research on this!

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    Ruthie, How much heavier are you than 2011? I seem to remember you going through this twelve months ago. You got over it then. So you know you will be OK! Lots of love Please don't despair!

    I wonder too whether you are into a mental pattern here that you need to break out of. 40 years of thinking the same old things. I can hear what you are saying echoing down from those years!


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