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Thread: The Blitz - Post Mortem

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    Default The Blitz - Post Mortem

    So what have I achieved during this past month doing the blitz? I went back to the "Your Daily Journal" page of the 30 day Blitz and filled in my results.

    I lost 1.2 kg (2.64lbs), lost half an inch round my tummy and dropped .47 on the BMI scale.
    My goals at the start were to (1) reach 60 kgs by now (I am 61.7kg), and (2) to be cheat free for the duration. I managed 24 cheat free days.

    Not brilliant results but results just the same. I don't think I am intolerant to eggs as I ate them yesterday and put on 200 gms but that can easily be just daily fluctuation and I did graze a bit on cheddar before dinner last night.

    I have upped my walking, even if not a proper hour every day I do a proper half hour and then probably make up another half hour in little bouts of walking throughout the day.

    I am happy to have done this and will continue throughout August as best I can although I have 3 trips over to the UK which for some reason never goes hand in hand with keeping on the straight and narrow as I consider it "hols" and tend to relax too much. No one's fault but my own!

    And you? What did you achieve?

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    Failed miserably and gained weight!

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    I lost 3kg, feeling great, and set to carry on. The next few weeks will be more difficult, though, as I'm house sitting - and I know those people have chocolate in the house... So I just hope there won't come a "sod it" moment at some point and I'll fall off the wagon!

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    Good morning. Thanks Priscilla for your final post and for keeping it going throughout the month. Although I haven't posted much, I have read them every day and they have kept me going.

    I also have not lost much weight but have managed 27 cheat free days out if the 30. What it has done for me is to stop my cravings for sugary foods and made me a whole lot more aware of what I am putting into my body.

    I am also going to continue throughout August but first I have a 2 week holiday to cope with (starting tomorrow), so will probably have to dip back into phase 1 on my return for a week or so although I am going to try to stay on track as much as possible.

    I would like to thank Zoe, Andy and OLLY for all their hard work in putting this together and making it work.

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    Thank-you to everyone who kept the momentum going and especially to Zoe, Andy and Olly for their wonderful motivational emails and to Priscilla for her dedication to the daily postings.

    My targets were to lose 10lb, to gain more energy and for people to notice my weight loss.

    I have lost 9.2 lb (more than happy with that, my target was a bit ambitious)
    I definitely have more energy and am loving the walking (I didnt really embrace the other activities but have recently taken up yoga so that has been my little extra).
    Only one person (a stranger) has commented on my weight loss!! Since I first knuckled down at the end of April I have lost 1st 10lb and not one person at work appears to notice that the uniform which was straining to fit is now tent like!

    As for my measurements, I have lost 2" from my waist, 1" from my hips, 1/2" from my thighs and 2" from my hips.

    I am really pleased but plan to keep this ip for amother week until we go on holiday and will pick it up again when we get back. I've had very few cravings, if any and would love to lose another stone to be around the middle of the good BMI for my height rather than just below overweight which I am right now.

    Off for my morning walk with a spring in my step!

    Jane x

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    Thank you Priscilla for the morning posts, it has really helped me to focus on the day in hand.

    My weight has dropped from;

    18st 4Lb so 256Lb or 116.1Kg BMI of 37.79 to
    17St 6Lb or 244.6Lb or 110.7Kg BMI 36.14

    My measurements are also interesting in that I lost 3in round my chest and 2 from my belly. I have increased in size on my legs.. and arms (Walking??).

    So with my calculations I need to extend the 30 Day Blitz to get to around 180lb (Estimated Natural Weight) that would equate to 64lb to loose at 0.4 per day = 160 Days (I know it's not linear and it wont work like and life comes in the middle).

    I am up for the challenge so will continue on my journey.

    Many Many BIG THANKS to Zoe - Andy and Olly for setting this experiment up and I really missed my morning email this morning It was great to actually be guided gently along the path. Thank you.


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    my goals were to:

    1) get into smaller size trousers. I can do this with one pair but it's still very much a work in progress
    2) walk further and easier up hills. No progress at all on this one
    3) look better in photos. This is a life long aim as I always manage to pull a face when the camera clicks. But I have lost my carb face over the past week.

    I posted yesterday about other changes I have made so although I didn't really follow the challenge and went wildly off track mid month I am pleased with how July turned out. And I missed the daily email this morning too.

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    Stayed exactly the same. This is better than I deserved as I cheated on at least half of the 30 days! Why? 'Cos I am an idiot! So, I have saved all the 30 day Blitz emails and am going to try again for August. Today is day 1. My aim is to lose 5 lb this month. Not massive I know, but I think achievable. Only thing to get in my way is that my daughter is very ill and back in hospital. This mean that my routine is scuppered. I have no time to exercise as I am at work then at the hospital, and I also eat at strange times. I get in at about 9.00pm, so food has to be quick and not too heavy. Still, I will do my best. Well done to everyone who stuck to the 30 days without breaking.

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    My aims when we started the blitz were very simple - to do my very best during the 30 days. Starting weight was 10s 9lb and finish weight is 10s 5lb so really pleased with that. I enjoyed reading posts and the daily email was great - missed it this morning. I've enjoyed walking and taken up skipping and am slowly able to do a bit more each time - still get massively puffed out! Day at a time eh? A friend suggested a mini trampoline but not sure about that. Don't want to end up in next doors garden!

    Now the blitz is over I intend to carry on eating well and keep moving and of course checking in here for ideas, advice and support.

    Have a great day all. X

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    Quote Originally Posted by JulieBuc View Post
    Stayed exactly the same. This is better than I deserved as I cheated on at least half of the 30 days! Why? 'Cos I am an idiot!
    No No I wont have it your not an Idiot.. Like most of us here we are Food Addicts pure and simple. Please don't be angry with yourself I did that and it only made things worse - I would rebel and start to binge... Hope your daughter recovers quickly emotional times and not easy both mentally and physically. Be strong and keep the faith :


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