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Thread: Low Carb in Formula 1 Music to my ears.

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    Default Low Carb in Formula 1 Music to my ears.

    I know it's boring watching cars go round and round and I sympathise with folk who don't like it. For me I am first a technologist and secondly a petrol head. Just love the technology and the way in which man and machine compete in what is the pinnacle of Motor Sport.

    Now next year the technology is changing I wont bore you with the details, needless to say more heavier equipment is needed on the car to enable it to compete at the top end.

    So poor drivers (I say poor lightly ) have to keep fit and watch their weight.

    Now obvious thinking would be that the shorter and lighter framed the better. Well 1 world Champ is 6ft and is suffering see quote below;

    [QUOTE= Little wonder, then, that Button thinks next year's minimum weight should be increased by ten kilos. "I'm 74, 74.5 kilos with my kit and I struggle to meet the weight limit - I have done for the last three years," the McLaren driver said on Thursday. "There's certain fitness training that I have to do and parts that I can't do: I can't build muscle; I can't eat CARBOHYDRATES because I have to be a set weight.

    A weight of 60-65kg is seen as ideal by designers but not all drivers have the requisite build. Hulkenberg (78kg) is certainly not in possession of a pint-sized frame, with Button reckoning it can cost between two and three tenths of a second per lap.

    "It does hurt the heavier drivers and it's very unfair to say we'll lose weight, because some of us can't lose any more weight; you need to have skin on your bones and a little bit of muscle to drive a Formula 1 car."

    That means a smaller driver such as Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who weighs 68kg, is at an advantage over a taller one such as Sauber's Hulkenberg, who weighs 74kg, to the tune of 0.2secs a lap if the team cannot reduce the car by the amount of their weight difference.

    McLaren have ruled out Hulkenberg as a potential replacement for Mexican Sergio Perez next year as a result of this. [/QUOTE]

    Scotland's David Coulthard was also quoted as saying he suffered years of Bulimia just trying to make the weight.

    My point is that Jenson / someone in the team has recognised the need to cut carbs - never mind the other unfair stuff This should be out in the open for the public to see and not just for the rich and famous.

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    I agree Andrew. Having met Jensen Button I can testify how tiny he is. You also have to be incredibly fit to be a racing car driver and knowing that Jensen partakes in triathalons and regularly goes out cycling with Mark Webber I expect they would burn whatever fat they have off anyway. The same goes for cyclists. They have absolutely no fat on them and although they may look big on screen, they are actually tiny. Mark Cavendish is dinky. It seems to be much the same as a lot of the celebs and models. They know the trick is to count carbs but it doesn't appear to come out much in the press. Whether that is the fault of the journalists who like to stick with the low calories nonense or the fault of something else I don't know.
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    Sorry Lizzi i was posting again as I was disturbed I wasnt saying that to you...
    Don't take the mik - I was disturbed by room service bringing breakfast - it's my way of not being faced with too many food decisions early in the morning. 2 eggs with very very almost orangey dark yolks followed by crispy bacon and a decaf coffee. Beautiful sunshine. What could be better? Please don't think bad of me lapping up all this opulence and luxury - I have only had 4 days off work this year - and I appreciate I am one lucky man. I like to travel to less privileged areas brings us down to earth and also helps their economy a tiny bit.


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